MARVEL Now Offering Digital Collections

MARVEL Now Offering Digital Collections

For the first time, Marvel is offering whole comic book story arcs in trade paperback-style digital collections on their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch apps. Previously, storylines available through the app would have to be purchased individually, a single issue at a time. 

Initially, 10 titles are available as digital "collections," representing the first volumes of four of the new reader-friendly Ultimate titles plus Marvel's movie franchises — Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and X-Men. Only one story from the '90s, Maximum Carnage, is among the first crop of digital collections.

The collections price typically represents a $1 discount from buying the comics individually — Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 consists of issues #1-6 of that series, at $10.99 as a collection and $1.99 for the single issues. Currently, the DC Comics app does not offer the option of purchasing collections in this manner, but there is a "storylines / arcs" option under "browse" that groups together single issues that comprise a story arc.

Here's the list of initial titles beings offered:

Astonishing X-Men Vol.1: Gifted

Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol.1

Invincible Iron Man Vol.1: Five Nightmares

New Avengers Vol.1: Breakout

Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage

Thor By J. Michael Straczynski Vol.1

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol.1: Power and Responsibility

Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol.1: The Fantastic

Ultimates Vol. 1: Super-Human

Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1: The Tomorrow People

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