Update 2: Exclusive Zenescope Teaser: ALICE by Nei

Exclusive Zenescope Teaser: ALICE

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Update 2
: For the final Alice in Wonderland teaser from Zenescope, they turned to the only member of the creative team who has been around for the whole shebang aside from writer Raven Gregory. As colorist or cover artist, Nei Ruffino has done a lot to establish Zenescope's signature look, and this time she shows an Alice that is truly in peril.

Stay tuned next week for much more on the new prequel to the Wonderland trilogy.

Update 1: We have a second teaser for you, this time by cover artist extraordinaire Artgerm!

Original Story: Zenescope's most popular series, their twisted tale of Wonderland, is returning. This time, however, they're no longer following the adventures of Calie, daughter of the original protagonist.

This time, they're going back and telling thier version of Alice in Wonderland. Alice's tale in this version of the universe finally gets told, starting in December 2011.

We have this exclusive teaser image announcing the new series, drawn by Ebas, and a hint of things to come. Of course, in this first image, everything looks quite innocent and happy. Yeah, like that'll last.

If you haven't experienced Zenescope's version of Wonderland yet, check out these links for full free issues of all three of the previous series.

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