What's Coming From Marvel in December 2011? [Teaser]

Marvel Comics loves their teaser images. After a two-tier set of teasers for their X-Men line's Regenesis, now they take their focus elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

Looking at the teaser, with the Avengers "A" in crosshairs, it's clear that the Avengers are the major presence in this new event or storyline. Does the fact that the crosshairs are an X instead of a plus mean anything? Is the whole team in the crosshairs, or specific members? How is this connected to what we already know is coming in the Avengers, with Norman Osborn, Hydra, and others joining forces to take down the team? [Click here to read more about that from writer Brian Bendis]. Luckily, this particular teaser won't tease for too long; Marvel promises answers tomorrow, Tuesday September 13, 2011 at 3pm EDT.

Tune in then, and speculate for now!

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