PLASTIC MAN & GREEN ARROW in DCnU JLI? Dan Jurgens Explains

DC Offer DCnU Teaser "One-Liners"


In anticipation of next week's issue of Justice League International, DC released a teaser image that showed a couple new members of the team that were surprises: Plastic Man and Green Arrow.

It appears there are a lot of DC characters joining up with the international team as it works for the United Nations to battle evil in the DCnU.

We've talked to Jurgens before about the JLI book -- both in June and again a couple weeks ago.

But we thought this revelation about the team deserved a follow up, so we asked Jurgens to clarify what kind of Plastic Man we'll see and why Green Arrow is on the team.

Newsarama: Dan, we've seen a lot of new characters revealed as part of your comic. Who can you confirm is in the comic? Are they all part of the team?

Dan Jurgens: I assume you're referring to the page DC released on its site. I can freely confirm that, yes, some of the characters on that page are on the team!

I've also said that the roster will not necessarily be 100% set with issue one. Life ain't easy for this JLI!

Nrama: How did you get ahold of Plastic Man? Why does he make sense for this team?

Jurgens: I don't know if Plastic Man makes sense for any team, JLA, JLI or otherwise. Though Arkham Asylum's softball team might be a good fit. He'd be the most stable one of the bunch.

Nrama: What's Plastic Man like as you redefine him for new readers?

Jurgens: Plas is Plas. The fun thing about him is that he really does have a personality that's quite unique and all his own.

Nrama: Are there any other characters in the teaser image that you'd like to point out and explain? 


Jurgens: Obviously Booster, who's front and center on this team. Beyond that, you've seen Plastic Man, Ice, Vixen, Fire and Green Arrow. Green Arrow is rather near and dear to my heart these days, but for reasons other than the JLI.

Nrama: Why is Green Arrow near and dear to your heart?

Jurgens: Kind of a two-part answer here. The easy answer on Green Arrow being near and dear to my heart is that I'm currently drawing that book. But the reason I love drawing the book is related to the passion Oliver Queen has for those around him. Green Arrow has been written as something of a fascist at times, and that's not how I seem at all. Oliver Queen's concern extends to those who are truly victims. As for GA being in the JLI -- stay tuned!

Nrama: We've seen Lady Godiva on the cover. Is she important?

Jurgens: Yeah, I'd consider Godiva very important. Aaron Lopresti and I are really having a lot of fun with her. Once again, she's quite unique and adds a lot to the team.

Nrama: Can you talk about Frankenstein, Hawk and the tuft of brown fur?

Jurgens: I'm sorry to say that, at present... some of that has  to wait for issue #1!

Nrama: As issue #1 comes out next week, anything else you want to tell fans about the comic?

Jurgens: This book is all about high adventure and big concepts with a dash of humor added in, which is quite appropriate for this particular cast of characters. Enjoy the ride!

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