UPDATE: X-MEN Regenesis Teasers Round 2: Gold Team Complete!

X-MEN Regenesis Teasers Round 2: Choose


Update 7 Sep 9, 2011:
And finally, the full Gold Team is in the house.

Uncanny X-Force's final in-this-teaser character is Fantomex! That's probably the most obvious shadow on this entire set of covers, aside from maybe Strong Guy, but it's still nice to see the faux-frenchman is sticking around.

Over on Wolverine's core squad in the new Wolverine and the X-Men, the final reveal belongs to the flier emitting fire in every direction; is that Idie, the missing member of the Five Lights from Generation Hope?

Rogue's final member shadow in X-Men Legacy was one of the most difficult to guess. Turns out it's the other until-recently-exiled-in-space club member Rachel Summers. She's perhaps the most fitting member of a book called "Legacy" after all.

And then there's X-Factor. The November solicitation for issue #227 (it doesn't hit Regenesis until January, remember) says, "In this issue, a member of X-Factor dies." The just-revealed three shadows in front of Strong Guy belong to Madrox, Longshot, and Havok's galpal Polaris. So every member of X-Factor is represented plus the new additions. It will be interesting to see just what that solicitation text means in November.

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Update 6 Sep 8, 2011: The Blue team is complete! We have lots of reveals here for you today.

Four of the five lights, Hope, and Sebastian Shaw, make up the Generation Hope group, as predicted; the elemental Idie is missing from this teaser.

The remaining member of X-Men, as many guessed, is Domino, the enigmatic luck-fueled former lover of Cable.

Uncanny X-Men's final two roster spots belong to Cyclops and Magneto. Interesting, since we know Magneto will also be proving he's Not a Hero in the mini-series starting this fall.

Cannonball is conspicuously absent from the New Mutants roster, with the rest of the team being unsurprising beside the initial shock of X-Man, adding Doug Ramsey and Magma to fill things out.

That's a wrap for the Blue team! Obviously this isn't every mutant who will side with Cyclops, so we'll be keeping an eye out on new covers and the books themselves. If you'd like the final massive poster, click here!


Update 5 Sep 7, 2011: Who does the Gold team have in store for us today?

Well, there's some expected and some... wait how is Psylocke on X-Force dual-wielding Katana if she's over on the blue team?!?! Unless there's some other twist to that; after all, there has been another psychic blade-handling force in the X-Universe before, but they wouldn't bring her back would they? Of course, they are bringing Nightcrawler back from AoA, so there's another possibility there as well.

Wolverine and the X-Men unveils one expected/guessed character in Beast, and one outright shocker in Kid Omega. After all, young Quentin Quire did just cause massive amounts of chaos leading to anarchy and very likely death...

Rogue's team doesn't get any reveals, and X-Factor gets the fully expected members of Strong Guy and Banshee (formerly Siryn). The more interesting thing about the X-Factor tease is that we can now see three distinct silhouettes in front of Guido. Maybe the "one shall die" thing is a red herring after all? They sure look like three different individuals, too.

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Update 4 Sep 6, 2011: Back over to the Blue team we see some new members, and some plain 'ole confirmations. Over on New Mutants for instance, Dani Moonstar shows her face, and over in Generation Hope, two more of the five lights are revealed.

Danger, the self-realized and humanoid incarnation of the Danger Room, is over in the Uncanny squad, making it already look like quite a powerhouse team with just the official reveals.

The big "surprise" (though we speculated this based on covers) is that Psylocke is over on the blue team with Jubilee's X-Men team. She's been a reluctant-at-best member of the Uncanny X-Force team, and it looks like with the schism she'll be reaching her breaking point, leaving Wolverine's assassination squad behind.

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Update 3 Sep 2, 2011: The gold team is getting fleshed out substantially today, and a pair of lovers is split this time around. Kitty Pryde (and her alien dragon friend Lockheed of course) are on the Wolverine and the X-Men team, despite Colossus siding with Cyclops in Uncanny. Toad also joins that team, a bit of a surprise for the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member.

As we noted a bit ago thanks to the solicitation covers, Gambit is still with Rogue in X-Men: Legacy, along with newish member Frenzy (at least we're pretty sure that's who that is).

Over in X-Factor, Richtor is in fact with the team, as is Monet, whose shadow was a bit of a surprise. That also means the future does not look bright for current leader Jamie "Multiple Man" Madrox, since the November solicitations tell us that one team member will die, though Longshot is also still missing.

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Update 2 Sep 1, 2011: And we're back to the blue team. This time around we have quite a few new reveals, as well!

Starting with the Generation Hope team, surprise surprise, Hope is there! Velocidad is also confirmed as returning to the team; honestly, the shadows look like this is the one book not getting a big shake-up, other than Shaw being there, of course.

Warpath is back in action after a hiatus for a couple of years, joining Jubilee and Storm in the X-Men title.

No new reveals this time around for Uncanny X-Men, but intrepid diggers can find the leaked cover if they really can't deal with the slow burn.

As for the New Mutants? Well, there's Sunspot and Warlock. That means this round of reveals had two hispanic characters, a Native American, and… a techno-organic alien. How's that for diversity?

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Update 1 Aug 31, 2011: And here's the Gold Team, with a few reveals of their own! Uncanny X-Force reveals probably the most obvious shadow on the entire two teaser posters, with Deadpool as part of the squad. As guessed by many, Iceman joins Wolverine and the X-Men. Rogue's squad doesn't get any reveals, while the X-Factor squad gets three. Shatterstar, Wolfsbane, and Layla Miller are all still around on the team. With Shadows that certainly look a lot like Strong Guy, Richtor, and Banshee, things are not looking great for M and Madrox, though it could simply be that they wind up elsewhere, we do know that before the Regenesis, one member of X-Factor will kick the bucket.

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X-MEN: REGENESIS – Choose Your Team!

After the cataclysmic events of X-Men: Schism, all of mutantkind will be forced to make the biggest decision of their lives. What team will you choose?

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Written by JASON AARON

Art & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

FOC – 10/3/11, ON SALE – 10/26/11

X-MEN LEGACY #259 (SEP110604)

Written by MIKE CAREY


Cover by CLAY MANN

Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW





Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW



Written by PETER DAVID


Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW



Well this looks a little familiar, doesn't it? While this is a similar poster of the "Blue Team" for X-Men: Regenesis to the one we put together from the teasers, there is a slight change, with the official reveal of Colossus (complete with Cyttorak boost) and his little sister Magik on the Uncanny squad, and the official reveal of Storm on the X-Men team. Will we get a slow burn of more character reveals, or will this just be one Blue and one Gold? We'll see later, and keep updating this page with the second round of teasers.

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X-MEN: REGENESIS – Choose Your Team!

After the cataclysmic events of X-Men: Schism, all of mutantkind will be forced to make the biggest decision of their lives. What team will you choose?

Join the conversation on Twitter with #XMenRegenesis!

UNCANNY X-MEN #1 (SEP110591)



Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN



Written by JAMES ASMUS


Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN


X-MEN #20 (SEP110600)




Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN


NEW MUTANTS #33 (SEP110607)



Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN


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