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Over the past year, Captain Atom emerged as a central character in the bi-weekly series Justice League: Generation Lost.

Now that the DCU is relaunching, Captain Atom gets his own series by writer J.T. Krul, who's also launching a new Green Arrow in September. For the new series, he'll be working with Freddie Williams III of Robin fame.

The first time we spoke with Krul about the comic, he said the book was about humanity, but takes off right away in issue #1.

"It's on the intense side — and brings a very sci-fi feel to the character," Krul said. "We wanted to explore the vast powers Captain Atom possesses and really make it a journey of discovery — both for the reader and the character as well. It's not a primer on quantum mechanics and physics, but the scope of Captain Atom's abilities touch upon such areas, so that science fiction vibe comes through loud and clear. But at the same time, it's a visceral story — pushing Captain Atom to his very limits — even in the first issue."

exclusive new art

In the next installment of our DCnU Take 2, we talk to Krul about Captain Atom and get a few more details of what to expect in this part of the New 52.

Newsarama: Is there anything you couldn't talk about or detail before, when we first talked about Captain Atom, that you can tell readers now?

J.T. Krul: One of the big names in the history of Captain Atom will be seen again right away as Dr. Megala — the man responsible for the accident that gave Captain Atom his powers — plays a key role in the book. As our hero struggles with powers he cannot fully control and concepts his limited mind cannot fully grasp, Dr. Megala is there to help him.

This instability within Captain Atom is something that will plague him throughout the book and will spill over into the minds of others — including those in the hero community. He's not in the JLI because he's not wanted there. And, right away in issue #3 he'll cross paths with the Flash — but don't expect your run of the mill team-up.

exclusive new art

We're introducing a brand new threat in the very first issue that will start small and explode in the upcoming issues. It's a very creepy and deadly threat and has a direct connection to Captain Atom.

Nrama: Now that you've seen the reaction from fans to the news about your comic, what are the top three things you want to clarify about it?

Krul: One — There is a bit of a Doctor Manhattan vibe with Captain Atom, but they are very different people. Nathanial wasn't a top scientist before the accident; he was an Air Force pilot. He's more in tune with the everyman in that regard.

Two — That wispy on his head is energy, not hair.

Three — Yes, Freddie Williams II is doing a phenomenal job on the book.

Nrama: Now that you're further into writing the comic, how would you describe the direction your title is taking?

Krul: This is not your typical superhero book. In many ways, it's a sci-fi story focusing on a man who is not really a man anymore - and the ways in which that shapes his path and decisions. Once you are able to see and experience the world from an entirely different viewpoint, how can you possibly be the same? He's a stranger in a strange land, but he's from around here. He's no alien, but feels isolated and alone regardless.  




Nrama: What character(s) in your comic do you expect to become beloved by fans? And why?

Krul: It's been a long time since Captain Atom has had his own book, and I really feel that he deserves a book like this. He's one of the most, if not the most, powerful characters in the DCU. There's almost nothing he can't do, but the story rests in the decisions he makes and determining what he should do. And he'll discover that sometimes there are no easy answers.

Nrama: Most important thing you want readers to remember about your comic?

Krul: It comes out September 21st and it's an amazing looking book! if you're a fan of Captain Atom, you'll love it. If you don't know who Captain Atom is, you'll still love it. And if you're a fan of Captain Kangaroo — well, we tried to take care of that, too.

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