Dynamite Reveals FLASH GORDON Plans, Alex Ross On Board

Dynamite Reveals FLASH GORDON Plans

Pulp sci-fi icon Flash Gordon makes his Dynamite Entertainment debut this November, in the form of the 32-page, $1 cover price Flash Gordon - Zeitgeist #1 from the creative team of Eric Trautmann, Alex Ross and Daniel Lindro. (Click through the "related images" gallery on the right for covers by Ross, Paul Renaud, Wagner Reis and Francisco Francavilla.)

Trautmann is a Dynamite regular, currently writing Vampirella and Red Sonja for the publisher, and Ross, who is credited with "story and designs," has worked closely with Dynamite on a number of projects in recent years. Series interior artist Lindro is also a veteran of the company, having illustrated their Sherlock Holmes: Year One miniseires earlier this year.

"Finally, after all this time, I'm working on a Flash Gordon series that brings the best I have to contribute to this legendary character and forerunner of all comic books!" Ross said in Dynamite's official statement.

An enduring property in multiple forms of media, Flash Gordon debuted in 1934 as a newspaper comic strip by Alex Raymond, and has been depicted in films, TV shows and radio serials. The strip was launched to be a competitor to Buck Rogers, another licensed property under Dynamite's umbrella. The Dynamite series will feature the classic stable of Flash Gordon characters including Ming, Dale Arden, and Dr. Hans Zarkov.

Dynamite announced the acquisition of Flash Gordon back in May 2010, a move that raised some eyebrows at the time since Ardden Entertainment had been publishing comic books starring the character since 2008, and continue to do so currently.

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