UPDATE 2: JLI 'One-Liner' Teaser Confirms PLASTIC MAN

DC Offer DCnU Teaser "One-Liners"


UPDATED 08/29 at 1:25pm ET: A Monday update to DC's "one-liner" campaign for Dan Jurgen's Justice League International may be more noteworthy for the teaser image that accompanied the confirmation of the text (“I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humor, Booster”), than the text itself, as the image apparently confirms the first New 52 appearance of Plastic Man.

In his latest Newsarama interview on the series, Jurgens said the series line-up would "constantly be subject to change", and this seems to confirm it.

In addition to previously revealed members Booster Bold, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Godiva, and Vixen, the images clearly shows Plastic Man, someone whose red and grey costume pegs him as Hawk (from Hawk and Dove), and Frankenstein (who apparently will be moonlighting from his status as an "Agent of S.H.A.D.E.")

A tuft of brown-ish fur (in the middle and lower left-hand boxes) suggests the Creeper, though it looks somewhat like a moustache below a very large nose in the lower left image.

And while we know Oliver Queen will be de-aged somewhat in the rebooted DCU, Green Arrow's clear-shaven, shorthaired portrait in the lower right-hand image box does bear a resemblance to Connor Hawke.

We'll see if we can get some commentary from Jurgens on the new images. In the meantime, check out the updates below matching up the teaser one-liners with the titles they come from.


UPDATED 08/25 at 7:10pm ET: Two down (see below), 50 to go..

Original story: In the final days before the launch of the “New 52”, DC marketing is taking it to the Internet. In addition to waves of preview art being distributed by social media over the last week, the publisher is trying something a little new – text teasers.

DC has released 52 teaser quotes, or “one-liners” each apparently from one of each of the first issues of the 52 new series, that “set up the themes of their corresponding series, hint at the unexpected return of fan-favorite characters and allude to significant changes.”


DC will be revealing what title these quote-teasers belong to, two a day, until September 28th, the last shipping day of the debut month.

We’re not sure we’ll be updating every day with the title reveals, but we thought you might like to take a look at all the clues/quotes/teasers and take your stab at guessing which go where.

So without further ado, take it away DC...

“If you’re not moving, you’re not living.”

“If we stop looking to the present and the past, and instead we look to the future…if we ask ourselves what can be–what it will be tomorrow… then we’re asking the right question. Because to hope, to dream, to predict is to shape the city yourself, rather than to be shaped by it.”

“Maybe this is all connected to that guy in Metropolis.”

“You think you and your ‘army’ stand a chance against Superman and a half dozen Green Lanterns and Wonder Woman?”

“They ended the revolution and freed our country. Then they disappeared.”

“Do we look like ‘super-heroes’? We’re the professionals.”


He’s the worst kind of killer. One with no true pattern.” - Detective Comics

“Hee…That’s so cute. You think you’re scary. But mister, I’ve seen scary. And you ain’t got his smile.”

“What I do, I do for the good of the universe. Something you lost sight of thousands of years ago.”

“I’m losing control.”

“We don’t… We don’t call it that. It could be the key to all human knowledge. Black holes. Time travel. Physics, on another level.”


What I want is your complete attention and for you to understand that your life is now mine.” - O.M.A.C. #1


You are not the first doctor I’ve known that tried to play god.” - Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

“Flashpoint effect has definitely closed off time travel.”

“I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humor, Booster.”

“He makes a sound like a supersonic bomber. And then it looks like his shadow itself turns against him.”

“How’s it feel to be nobody’s favorite super-hero?”

“I remember a time when you would have begged me to stop playing superhero!”

“Maybe I was never a good guy, and maybe I was never the really big fish. But if there’s one thing I do know from living other’s people’s lives, it’s that I’ve changed.”

“How long have I been here? How long have I been frozen like this?”

“I always thought you could change the world, Michael.”

“Some people don’t like having their secrets exposed.”

“The only reason I’m here is ’cause if anything happens to you–that would make me the worst former sidekick ever.”

“You think I need a ‘team?’”

“You could do so much good! WE could do so much good!”

“Good to see you, Barbara.”

“Nature sounds its own warning bell.”

“Welcome to Cellblock D of the Central Asian Supermax Meta-Human Facility.”

“I thought I’d left that world behind me. That maybe I could do more good working from the shadows. Apparently, I was wrong. I’m going to need help.”

“You’re Welcome, my friend. And New York City, you’re welcome too!”

“If that scarab pops back up, I want any Green Lanterns within five parsecs to know it.”

“You’ve been partners with this guy for a couple of years, and you still haven’t told him where you really came from?”

“A bunch of Lanterns have just died in sector 3599.”

“We are too late.”

“Because the entire time THEY have been studying ME? I have been studying THEM.”

“This time it spells trouble.”

“I swear to God I don’t know nothin’ about the Gotham Butcher.”


You’re just in time for your destiny.” - Demon Knights

“Miles? Why, my beautiful girls…. You can see forever.”


People are goin’ nuts. Wait ‘til they watch us kill him.” - Green Arrow

“Oh, God. Oh, God. I just murdered someone!”

“You are the parent of your own fear.”

“Kyle Rayner of Earth, you have been chosen.”

“You’re not my partner, you’re my son.”

“Find out who is under that mask.”

“For this great mission I will need help. I will need followers who are prepared to follow me into the jaws of death, and worse…”

“You’ll have my undivided attention… And I’m pretty sure I’ll have yours.”

“Just when I’ve set up my new life, my old one comes back. Well played, Gotham.”

“I didn’t even know how much I missed it.”

“The dream isn’t over.”

“The future is being re-made.”

“Life isn’t without risk. You hear that bon mot a lot. But mostly around business. Or dating. Or eating fried food from street vendors. But we take risks all the time, every day, in a thousand ways. Driving a car. Talking to a stranger. Jay walking. Those are the little ones we don’t even think about. It’s the big ones that make it interesting. At least for me, it is.”

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