DCnU Take 2: J.T. Krul On GREEN ARROW's New Locale, Dinah

Billionaire GREEN ARROW Returns for DCnU


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The writer may be staying the same. But the superhero? That's something readers haven't been too sure about.

But J.T. Krul, who's writing the DCnU relaunch of Green Arrow, reassured Newsarama readers back in June that this younger, richer Oliver Queen was still the same Green Arrow at heart.

"Oliver Queen is a billionaire with a mission — to do everything he can to make the world a better place," Krul said, adding that social change is still a key component of who Green Arrow is. "Through his company, he is able to achieve quite a bit, but some things require a more direct approach — and a bow and arrow. It's the core of Green Arrow: a bit of that Robin Hood vibe as he strikes out against the greatest threats to people's lives and freedoms.

"He may have that ivory tower, but in his heart he is a man of the people — and he always will be," Krul said. "The problem today is that the threats out there stretch way beyond the city limits, so Green Arrow will have to expand his territory, so to speak. Think globally."


And now, as part of our "DCnU Part 2" series of stores, we check back with Krul to find out what else he can say about what we'll see in his revamped comic, and we found out Green Arrow has a brand new locale... and hasn't forgotten Dinah.

Newsarama: Is there anything you couldn't talk about or detail before, when we first talked, that you can tell readers now?

J.T. Krul: Absolutely! it's nice to be able to share some of the details. For the new 52, we'll be focusing on Green Arrow at an earlier part in his life as the emerald archer. He's still got a secret identity and he plays an important role with his father's legacy — Queen Industries. He doesn't run the whole place, but a corner of it called Q-Core, which is responsible for some of the more entertaining electronic devices in the DCU — like the Q-Phone and the Q-Pad.

But Ollie isn't all about such gadgets. In many ways, the fun stuff helps pave the way for his more altruistic efforts. But there's only so much you can do as a businessman, and as Green Arrow he take a more direct approach.

But he's also not as refined as some of the other heroes around. He's no Batman, and doesn't want to be.


There is a bit of a Team Arrow in his corner, working side-by-side, behind the scenes. Naomi is his communications expert, his eye in the sky, while Jax is more his tech expert — always coming up with a new angle to try in the field. Ollie is still stubborn and strong-willed, but he's smart enough to know that he can't fight this fight alone.

And, it takes place in Seattle!

Nrama: Wow, lots of new information. Now that you've seen the reaction from fans to the news about your comic, what are the top three things you want to clarify about it?

Krul: One: Yes, Ollie has some stubble on his chin, but not the full goatee.

Two: He's still Green.

Three: He's got a place in his heart for Dinah.

Nrama: Now that you're further into writing the comic, how would you describe the direction your title is taking?

Krul: This is a total action adventure type of story for Green Arrow, something akin to James Bond or even Mission Impossible. We are really striving to amp up the action and the scope of the book, putting Green Arrow on a global level and setting him up against a host of new threats.


In the very first encounter, he'll be forced to deal with a posse of super-powered thrill-seekers who cannot see the difference between fame and infamy. Or maybe they do and just don't give a damn.

Nrama: What character(s) in your comic do you expect to become beloved by fans? And why?

Krul: With solo books, that question is easy. His name is in the title. With a host of street level vigilantes populating the DCU, Green Arrow always manages to stand out. Whether it's his bravado, his thickheaded nature, or his solid internal compass when it comes to right and wrong, Oliver Queen resonates with people. He's the guy we all want to be deep down. We all have flaws, but we still greet each day as a chance to do it a little better. People love Green Arrow because he always tries his damnedest.

Nrama: Then to finish up, J.T., what's the most important thing you want readers to remember about your comic?

Krul: Issue #1 is in stores on September 7th! I'm blessed with legends like Dan Jurgens and George Pérez.




And more than anything, it's a fun book. Green Arrow is something of a smart-ass, who manages to piss everyone off from time to time, but his heart's in the right place. He sees the world in all it's dysfunctional glory and cannot sit by and do nothing. He's compelled to help. It's who he is.

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