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If there's one thing writer Fabian Nicieza wants fans to remember about Legion Lost, it's this:

Legion Lost is the best title among the New 52.

Not kidding.

As we continue our "DCnU Part 2" series, where we check back with some of the writers who are launching DC titles in September, we talk with Nicieza about his new Legion comic, which features illustrations by fan-favorite artist Pete Woods.

exclusive new art

When we first talked to Nicieza in June, he explained that the characters in Legion Lost are heroes from the future who come back in time to the present day in order to stop a future terrorist from ravaging Earth.

"And even if the 'Lost' succeed in stopping him, they might not be able to return home for fear of carrying a deadly pathogen back with them," he explained.

But he promised readers won't need to know any Legion history to understand who these characters are. It's a fresh, clean slate designed for new readers.


The team, according to Nicieza, includes Tellus the telepath/telekinetic, Gates the teleporter, Dawnstar the tracker, Wildfire the reluctant energy being, Chameleon Girl the shapeshifter, Timber Wolf the hunter, and Tyroc the sonic manipulator.

But now he's saying there may be a couple deaths in the comic?

Newsarama checked back with Nicieza to find out more, and discovered he is, quite possibly, the fourth greatest writer in the world. Or at least one of the funniest.

Newsarama: Fabian, now that you've seen the reaction from fans to the news about your comic, what are the top three things you want to clarify about it?

Fabian Nicieza: 1) Based on general fan reaction, I just want to tell people that I am not the greatest, handsomest and most modest writer in the world — I mean I appreciate them saying that, but it's just not true. No. 4 at most is all I would lay claim to.


2) This is not a mini-series (unless we suck and get cancelled, which, seriously, how likely is that since I'm the #4 greatest, most handsomest, modest writer in the world and Pete Woods ain't too shabby either?).

Some readers seem to think the "Legionnaires trapped in time" premise implies an end date.

We are an ongoing monthly book. Period.

Just because it's about seven heroes from the future trapped in the present time and forced to fight the spread of a pathogen that is altering life on Earth — a pathogen they very well may be infected with themselves — all the while being branded as both responsible for the virus and its spread, where exactly is it implied that they are ever going to get rescued?

3) And most important, I want to clarify for any fans who have participated in those "which will be the best of the New 52" threads being bandied about on different sites — any list that doesn't start with Legion Lost as it's No. 1 answer is immediately a flawed and incorrect list.


Sure, you might claim, "it's just my opinion, how can I be wrong?" — well, in fact, yes, you are wrong.

Not talking sales, mind you... I mean, all the pretty boys get all the publicity. We know that, so I doubt our numbers will be in the top 5. I am talking simple, sheer quality (which will not be a subjective interpretation, but rather declarative fact — when declared by me). When I am done wooing all the readers with my handsome, modest charms, we will be the last ones left standing at the top of the heap.

Nrama: Wow, that really does clarify things. Now that you're further into writing the comic, how would you describe the direction your title is taking?

Nicieza: It's been an interesting combination of mounting desperation and confused conflict — and I'm loving writing a group of people who just aren't sure what to do — who don't know the right call to make because there might not be a right call in their situation. It's really liberating to write characters who can be excused, even sympathized with, for making the mistakes that the poor Legion Lost team is making.


And the first six-issue arc is just the beginning of their problems!

Nrama: What character(s) in your comic do you expect to become beloved by fans? And why?

Nicieza: Timber Wolf, because he's going to be perpetually sweaty, pissed and funny, following his gut instinct and his animal senses more than rational, reasoned thought.

The next time he follows an order will probably be the first time in the book — but it's hard to stay mad at him because even though he is turning into more of a "Lone Wolf" in this book, he ends up getting things done while the others are still wondering what they should do.


Dawnstar. Because I have always thought she had a fantastic visual — and she still does when Pete draws her — but for the first time in the 30 years she's been around, we are going to finally get a chance to really explore her powers and her personality. She will be the too-cool hot girl everyone is afraid to ask out on a date, but we will also get a chance to see just how lonely she might be as a result of that.

Nrama: Most important thing you want readers to remember about your comic?

Nicieza: Uhm... you're asking for a rambling summary of all my answers above...? Okay... let's see... greatest, handsomest, most modest writer, great art from Pete Woods... uhm, oh yeah — not a mini-series, characters in very, very deep doo doo... maybe a couple of deaths, maybe not... a virus that could change the face of the DCU... best book in the entire launch (it's a fact)... Timber Wolf cool... Dawnstar cool and hot... didn't mention Tyroc, Wildfire, Tellus, Chameleon Girl (get her a new name) and Gates... should mention them... they're all so much fun to write (except the two I'm killing off).


I think that's everything. Don't forget, we might not get the most publicity — heck, we might not get any publicity. (Apparently, I hear they're doing new #1's with Justice League, Batman and Superman. Did you hear that?)

But this is all the hype we need: Legion Lost will kick the crap out of any book that has the globes to stand up to our challenge (I'm looking at you Lobdell and your 32 titles!).

Wow, that was some fun venting.

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