BioWare Announces Round 2 of FemShep MASS EFFECT 3 Vote

Round 2 of FemShep MASS EFFECT 3 Vote





At Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany, BioWare today premiered a second round of "FemShep" voting for Mass Effect 3 on their live "BioWare Pulse" internet TV show.

David Silverman, Director of Marketing for BioWare took the stage at the end of the press-only preview day of Gamescom and brought up the original vote announced at Comic-Con: International San Diego. The vote gave several different version of female Commander Shepard, the lead character in the game, and asked fans to vote on which one they'd like to appear in official marketing materials for the game, from the back cover of the Collector's Edition box to an official FemShep trailer.

The blonde version won by a landslide in the vote, but according to Silverman many fans "voted for that choice because they liked the hairstyle not necessarily the color," or so they said in comments on facebook and Twitter. To make sure fans get what they want, BioWare is doing a second round of voting on the official Mass Effect facebook page. This time, the hairstyle is the same, the original blonde's version, but it can now be seen in four different colors: red, "dirty blonde" (as described by Silverman), blonde, and black. Voting is open from right now until PAX Prime next week, where the winner will be announced.

So head over to cast your vote to see which female Shepard will be used in the Mass Effect 3 marketing!

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