Truly ASTONISHING X-MEN Development Nov. With Pak & McKone

Truly ASTONISHING X-MEN November 2011

Well that's taking the title of Astonishing X-Men literally, isn't it?

With the new team of Greg Pak writing and Mike McKone drawing, November 2011's Astonishing X-Men #44 is teasing some big changes to team dynamics.

While Marvel's press release didn't offer much more than that scandalous image of Cyclops, who is currently in a long term relationship with Emma Frost, and Storm, who is married to Black Panther (and sporting her rockin' mohawk of old), liplocked, a Q&A over at gave some additional details.

"After Xavier, the X-Men's two greatest leaders are Scott and Ororo. They've borne responsibilities few others can conceive. And just those experiences alone should provide them [with] reasons to bond," said Pak. He continued, "The current Scott/Emma and Storm/T'Challa relationships are amongst the most passionate in the Marvel Universe. So yes, what the heck is going on? I'll just say that everything that's happening is utterly inconceivable, but completely real, completely in character, and completely in continuity."

Pak also confirmed that this book takes place post-X-Men: Schism, so any theories about Cyclops (or Storm for that matter) dying in that series appear to be nullified by this cover.

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