FEAR ITSELF #5 Fraction, Brevoort Q&A: Ask YOUR Question!

Marvel First Look - FEAR ITSELF #5

Fear itself #5 is on comic book stands today, the "Brawl!" issue where Thor takes on the Thing and the Hulk, who both have been transformed into "Worthy" soldiers in the Serpent's rampage.

Read the book? Got some questions on the issue that you might want to ask series writer Matt Fraction, or editor and Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort? Well, here's a treat: We're talking with both of them imminently in the latest installment of our Facing Fear Q&A column, and you've got two ways you can submit your questions to be asked during the interview.

Option #1: Head over to Newsarama's official Facebook page, and the Fear Itself #5 questions thread, and ask there. (Surely you know this already, but be polite and keep it on topic, please.)

Option #2: Get yourself on Twitter, and tweet Newsarama with your question and the tag #RamaFear. This is better for shorter questions, because of the 140-character limit. If you're wondering if your question has been asked already, good news! You can read them all here:

So read the comic, head over to Facebook or Twitter and ask some questions, and while you're at it, check out past installments of Facing Fear:

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