"ROBINS Are INTERNS", and Other New DCnU FAQ Info


DC Comics has revised/added to their New 52 FAQ to comic book retailers [click for the original version], adding a few tidbits of new information in regards to the reboot/relaunch initiative, now just a little over 3 weeks away.

Of particular interest to Bat-fans might be the following little new tidbit of explanation regarding the number of former and current Robins in the DCnU, in context to the ‘5-year age of superheroes’ timeline of the new DC Universe.

Take it away, DC

NEW: If super-heroes have only existed for five years, how has Batman gone through so many Robins?

Robin is an intern program -and a very intensive one at that.

UPDATED/REVISED: What are your plans to increase the number of female creators working on the DC Comics line?

The DCE Co-Publishers recently published a blog post on this topic, in which they announced: "We'll have exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months and will be making those announcements closer to publication. We know there are dozens of other women creators and we welcome the opportunity to work with them."

NEW: What steps are you taking to keep The New 52 to an on-time release schedule?

We are stressing to all our creators that timely delivery is important. We are serious about our dates and we will take steps to ensure our books meet their deadlines even if a creator misses his or her deadline.

NEW: The release schedule for The New 52 appears set at 13 titles per week on a four week month. What are DC's release plans for months with five Wednesdays?

Our plan for five week months is to maintain The New 52 at 13 titles per week for each of the first four weeks of the month, and schedule some of our other DC Comics and Vertigo titles in the fifth week. Our goal is to have each of The New 52 go on sale the same week of the month each and every month.

NEW: Will we be able to have a midnight sale for any of the four release weeks in September?

We're offering the midnight sale option exclusively for the 8/31 on-sale of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 and FLASHPOINT #5.

NEW: Is FLASHPOINT #5 important to The New 52?

Yes. FLASHPOINT #5 includes two story pages that reveal how we go from the world of Flashpoint to The New 52.

UPDATED/REVISED: Which of The New 52 titles are not $2.99?

Four of The New 52 are 40-page comics at $3.99 with additional pages of content. They are:

* JUSTICE LEAGUE - 24 story pages in #1 with 4 design or extra content pages. 22 story pages starting with #2 with 6 design or extra content pages.

* ACTION COMICS - 29 story pages in #1. 28 story pages starting with #2

* ALL STAR WESTERN - 28 story pages.

* MEN OF WAR - 28 story pages.

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