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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, host John Siuntres continues the dialog that Robert Kirkman started last week, regarding comic creators who straddle the market, with creator owned books, while making corporate comics for DC or Marvel.

Rick Remender talks about his work at DC, having wrapped up the All New Atom, he and artist Pat Ollife plan to take villains Chronos and Lady Chronos and team them up with Starro, for their two-part Booster Gold story starting in October. Remender also says a new ongoing series for DC is in the works, based on a Grant Morrison inspired idea.

As for Marvel, Remender talks about co-writing Punisher War Journal with Matt Fraction and drawn by Howard Chaykin . The Jigsaw arc is finishing up next issue "The real big impact moment is coming in this climax; we're both so excited about it.

"That story will be followed by a Secret Invasion PWJ arc. It's Frank Castle on the happiest day of his life, what's better than New York full of Skrulls? And here's Frank Castle driving a Ford Bronco with Skrull skulls tied all over it, whistling a tune, it's target practice ...Frank is as happy as he can be. He's thinking 'God it's my birthday, it's Christmas and prom night!' When the logical solution is hey I'd better run, there's Frank diving head first whistling singing and killing."

If readers enjoyed his current Frank Frazetta’s Creatures one-shot, featuring Teddy Roosevelt and his Dark Riders , the story has inspired Rick to do more featuring the group in the future. "As soon as my schedule frees up."

Plus a look at Remeder's current and upcoming creator owned books Legion of the Supernatural from IDW with artist Bret Blevins, Gigantic from Image with artist Eric Nguyen, The End League from Dark Horse with Eric Canete and the current Fear Agent arc drawn by co-creator Tony Moore .

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