SDCC 2011: DC Focus - JIM LEE - Live!

DC Makes Slick "The New 52" Video

Jim Lee is more than just the superstar artist of the soon-to-be-relaunched Justice League, debuting with a new #1 on August 31 — he's also the co-publisher of DC Entertainment. He's in the spotlight at a Comic-Con International: San Diego panel Saturday afternoon, and Newsarama is there. Given his close involvement with the "DCnU" relaunch in September, there should be no shortage of topics to discuss. Here's the official con description of the event:

4:30-5:30 DC Focus: Jim Lee Comic-Con special guest Jim Lee is by far the most in-demand artist in comics, from his spectacular work on Batman, Superman, WildC.A.T.S. and so many other comics to his groundbreaking designs for the DC Universe MMO game. Now, as co-publisher of DC Entertainment, Jim has led the way to the start of DC Comics - The New 52 with his exciting new looks for the World's Greatest Super Heroes. Room 6DE

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