SDCC 2011: Creator-Owned Comics with ROBERT KIRKMAN

Kirkmanarama: ROBERT KIRKMAN Q&A, p.1

Comic-Con International: San Diego's "Creator-Owned Comics with Robert Kirkman" panel built a lot more anticipation with recent word that Brian K. Vaughan would be attending the panel. Is he announcing a new comic, his first work in the medium since the end of Ex Machina? Read our live coverage to find out! The official con description of the panel is here:

3:00-4:00 Creator-Owned Comics with Robert Kirkman— Image Comics partner and bestselling writer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) is joined by Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson and some very special guests to discuss the exciting present and future possibilities of creator-owned comics. Be one of the first to hear some major announcements from the leading publisher of creator-owned comics. Plus: an exclusive print for first 100 attendees! Room 7AB

Follow along with our live coverage below!

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