Single, Orphaned, Alien: Big Changes for DCnU SUPERMAN

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Superman #2

Superman and Lois Lane are breaking up, and that's not the only major change coming to the world's most iconic superhero.

 September's Action Comics #1 and Superman #1 will introduce several major alterations to the character, sources at DC confirm.

Husband and wife since 1996 in the comics, the new status quo will find Clark Kent and Lois Lane not only unmarried, but establish that they were never married in the first place. Clark will be a bachelor, and Lois will have a new boyfriend, one whose identity is yet to be revealed but is said to be a Daily Planet colleague.

Additionally, Superman's alien origins will be emphasized in a big way, with the character described as "more Kal-El from the planet Krypton than Clark Kent from Kansas." Superman's deep connection to his Kryptonian heritage also explains his new costume, as seen on the cover of Superman #1. It's "ceremonial armor" from his home planet, with the traditional red trunks abandoned.



Action Comics #2

Perhaps part of the reason Superman's embracing his alien nature is the loss of his adopted parents. Jonathan and Martha Kent are both dead in DC's post-Flashpoint continuity, a pronounced change from the recent past, and a return to the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths status quo in that respect.

Action Comics, which focuses on Superman's early superhero career, depicts a "younger, more brooding" Man of Steel adjusting to his adopted homeworld. His powers are still in development at this point, as he "can leap tall buildings but can't fly in space." The series, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Rags Morales, will also show the evolution of his costume from jeans and work boots to Kryptonian armor.

Kal-El's present will be told in Superman, with a "new status quo at the Daily Planet" and a new gig at the paper for Lois Lane. Additionally, the series, by George Perez and Jesus Merino, will show that "there's a price to pay for being Superman" and debut a brand-new villain, one said to be more powerful than the Man of Steel.


DC's impending relaunch consists of their entire existing slate of DC Universe titles being scrapped, with 52 new titles debuting in their place this September. The first, Justice League #1, is the initial appearance of Superman's new look and in slated to be in stores on August 31. DC is scheduled to address fans regarding the changes at several panels this week at the annual Comic-Con International: San Diego, starting on Thursday.

Since the announcement of the "DCnU" relaunch, rumors and speculation have flourished that Superman's marriage was as good as dead, but this is the first confirmation from the publisher. Last month, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio told the site PopcornBiz that the marriage was being "reexamined."

Action Comics #1 is scheduled for release on September 7, with Superman #1 out on September 28.

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