DC & Retailers to Co-Advertise the DCnU at Movie Theaters

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DC Comics has hinted at some innovative marketing programs to promote September’s relaunch of their superhero line, and Friday they announced to retailers a cooperative advertising campaign in which comic shop owners can advertise their stores behind a 30-second commercial for “The New 52” at movie theaters.

“DC Entertainment is proud to announce a partnership with National CineMedia (NCM) for a movie theatre advertising campaign to promote DC COMICS – THE NEW 52!” reads the publisher’s announcement. “Advertising this unprecedented event at the movies alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest films will make it easy and affordable for retailers to reach a mass audience of readers and generate unparalleled buzz and sales.”

The 30-second commercial that often precede trailers will be created by NCM and the spot can be customized to include an “end-card” that promotes a specific store – including its logo, address and special offer message.

“We urge retailers to take advantage of our 75-percent special event co-op reimbursement to get the word out to both new and lapsed readers in their areas.” says DC SVP - Sales Bob Wayne, in the announcement.

The five-week program will run from August 31st to September 30th, covering the entire first month debut of the new line.

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