Paul Levitz to Tell the DCnU LEGION's SECRET ORIGIN


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Loyal fans of DC's Legion of Superheroes concerned about the future of the DCU future in the publisher's 'soft rebooted' line fear not ... the publisher has confirmed a third Legion title - this one a six issue limited series debuting in October - is in the works.

Written by Paul Levitz and drawn by space-faring veterans Chris Batista and Rich Perotta, Legion: Secret Origin will tell, you guessed it, the secret origin of the DCnU LSH.

According to DC, while familiar to fans, the Legion's origin has only been told in "broad strokes" before, and this large-scale sci-fi odyssey delves into the secrets behind the scenes, including explaining how the organization known as the United Planets originally formed.

Whether the series takes the opportunity to rework (again) Superboy's role in the formation of the Legion in light of what looks to be a significant reboot of the Superman mythos remains to be seen.

Look for more about Legion: Secret Origin from Paul Levitz here at Newsarama soon, and if DC's pattern holds, lookout for DC's Young Justice October 2011 solicitations later Thursday.

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