UPDATE: Marvel Teaser 5: It's Either In You Or It's Not


Silver Surfer


Update 4 July 15: First, props to facebook commenter Kevin Studdard for the updated decoding, posted as just the second comment, mere moments after we posted the Silver Surfer teaser. Thanks, Kevin! Courtesy of the intrepid gentleman:

Yellow: “The Universe Will Break”

Orange: “Shut The Engines Down”

Red: “Everyone You Love Dies”

Crimson: “Fight To Save Everything”

Now we have presumably the final teaser in this series, this time featuring...another Hulk? Intereseting to see two Hulks on one team, and the keywords floating around (no highlighted letters this time) in this Hulk make it a little unclear which he is, though it sure seems to be the standard Bruce Banner version.

With this added piece of the puzzle, it still looks like some new version of the Defenders, the most guessed by our readers, whose classic roster is Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Namor, though others have rotated in and out of the roster over the decades.

Update 3 July 14: And another one! This time Silver Surfer, the cosmically-powered Herald of Galactus gets the spotlight. Most people at this point are guessing toward a team built more for "defense," but nothing specific is in the teasers just yet. As far as those decoding games, here's what we have so far, courtesy of Blog@ commenter Chris Walsh:

Yellow: “The Universe Will”

Orange: “Shut The Engines”

Red: “Everyone You Love”

Crimson: “Fight To Save”

So get to work on decoding Silver Surfers teaser and we'll see how right we all are in just about a week during Comic-Con International: San Diego!

Doctor Strange

Update 2 July 13: The hat trick of word-based teasers has been reached, with the third featuring what appears to be... Red She-Hulk? Perhaps the even more interesting thing, however, is the highlighted letters in the images. It appears that each color is going to spell out an individual phrase, as the intrepid writers and readers over at Blog@ have started to figure out (head over there to join in the decoding fun!). With Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, and now Red She-Hulk this is starting to look like a very specific type of team.

Update 1 July 12: Well that's an interesting wrench in the series. Now a second teaser with the same title features what is clearly Doctor Strange, so these teasers are either introducing a line of comics or a team of sorts. It's also interesting to note that one of the primary words for Doctor Strange is "addiction." Stay tuned for more!

Iron Fist

Original Story: Marvel Comics starts Monday with a rather curious, apparent Iron Fist teaser titled "It's Either In You Or It's Not."

December ongoing series perhaps?

The title will apparently be revealed at Marvel's Fear Itself Panel (Sunday, July 24th at 12:30PM PST) during Comic-Con International in San Diego.

It appears the publisher will be delivering at least a new teaser everyday for a little while. Click on the other recent ones below.

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