DC UNIVERSE ONLINE Adds Light Powers, Lantern Corps in DLC



DC Universe Online is getting its first true expansion since its January release, with a downloadable content pack titled "Fight for the Light" coming later this summer. [For an image gallery of new screenshots, click here.]

The pack is focused heavily on the world of Green Lantern, and is specifically inspired by recent additions to the character's mythos in comic books written by DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns. The update adds a seventh power set, Light, with heroic characters utilizing willpower to join the Green Lantern Corps as reserve members, and villains using fear to link up with the Sinestro Corps.

"Players will now be able to create a character — or re-stack one that they have that they've maxed out already — and switch over or level up the character with light powers," creative director Jens Andersen said in a conference call with video game press.

Andersen said that creating hard light constructs "plays very differently" compared to learning other new abilities.

"You learn how to make a construct, and that construct, when you activate it, actually has its own set of combos, and moves, and super-abilities," Andersen said, adding that the hard light powers will be layered on top of existing weapons and skills.

"Fight for the Light" also contains new gameplay scenarios for the MMORPG: "S.T.A.R. Labs," "Coast City" and "Sciencells Prison." All three are four-person "Alerts," and Coast City introduces Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps to the game.

Andersen indicated that following "Fight for the Light," the rest of the Emotional Spectrum might not be far behind.

"Obviously now that we have hard light constructs and the new light powers, it's very easy for us to expand out into those other areas," he said.

The DLC pack will also feature the debut of Guy Gardner in the game, as part of the Sciencells Prison scenario. Andersen said that Kyle Rayner will also be added to the cast of DC Universe Online, though did not reveal in what capacity.

"Fight for the Light" is scheduled for later this summer (no firm release date yet), with a price tag of $9.99. More updates of this nature are planned, with the aim of releasing periodic DLC packs rather than the more traditional system of annual expansions.

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