Artist Carlos Meglia Passes Away

Carlos Meglia Passes Away

Newsarama has learned that Argentinian comic book artist Carlos Meglia has died. He was 50 years old.

According to initial reports, he was admitted to hospital after suffering from problems related to his aorta.

Meglia, who made his artistic debut in 1974 as the assistant for the illustrator Oswal was probably best known to American audiences for his more recent work on projects such as Adventures of Superman, Spyboy, Monster World and a brief stint on Marvel’s Elektra. In his native Argentina (and later in Spain), Meglia was a constant on the art scene since his debut, illustrating El Pendula magazine, record covers, and other works such as La Bible pour les Enfants and Don Quichotte and many more.

He was perhaps best known to Spanish-speaking audiences for his collaborations with Carlos Trillo, with whom he created Irish Coffee and Cybersix. With Crisse, he created Canari in 2005.

Much of his recent European work was being published by Soliel.

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