LOEB, McGUINNESS & Marvel Launch _ _ _ _ _ REBORN in Dec.


With death comes rebirth, and Marvel has certainly had plenty of death to accommodate lately. Now at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the leading American comic book company will announce a new _ _ _ _ _ Reborn series by creators (and frequent collaborators) Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.

Called an "action packed story of epic proportion" by the publisher, the project apparently features a lead "rebirthing" character that won't be announced until the Cup O' Joe Panel on Saturday July 23, 2011, though the teaser uses 5 spaces. But is that a red herring or a real clue? Of course the first character to come to mind is Bucky, who recently died again in the mega-crossover Fear Itself. Other 5-character possibilities include Torch, Cable, and Peter.

While he says he has no inside knowledge and is likely just adding fuel to the speculation fire, Cable creator (and onetime Loeb collaborator) Rob Liefeld thinks and hopes it may be his character being reborn, he said on twitter.

"Safe bet is that it's Cable. Matter of fact that's my bet and I couldn't be further out of the loop." He quickly followed up with the tongue-in-cheek, "Of course that's also my hope....I love Cable royalties!"

Of note, Loeb and McGuinness had an unnamed Avengers book announced at last year's SDCC. That project didn't make our recent "Comic Book Cold Cases" countdown of high-profile projects announced but never released, but could there be a connection between that and "_ _ _ _ _ Reborn?" Find out when we cover the panel LIVE! in two weeks.

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