FEAR ITSELF Q&A w/ Fraction & Brevoort: A Call for Questions

FEAR ITSELF Q&A w/ Fraction & Brevoort

With Fear Itself #4 on comic book store shelves today, we're officially at the midway point of Marvel's summer event series. Following a particularly eventful issue #3 — with the apparent death of Bucky, the then-current Captain America — things are looking to only ramp up in the fourth installment. (Newsarama's review of the issue is here.)

We're gearing up for another Q&A with series writer Matt Fraction and Marvel's senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort as part of our Facing Fear column, and as always, we welcome your questions concerning the events of Fear Itself #4! Except this time, we're doing it a little bit differently, and switching up social networks: Head over to our Facebook page, find the the accompanying Fear Itself #4 questions thread, and ask questions there to your heart's content. We'll do our best to get as many as possible answered, and of course, though it goes without saying — don't be a jerk.

So read the book, head over to Facebook and ask some questions, and in the meantime, feel free to check out past installments of Facing Fear:

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