POLL: The DCnU "New 52" One Month In - You IN or You OUT?

Potential Full JUSTICE LEAGUE Lineup

It's been over month since DC Comics announced the total revamp of their DC Universe line, and in that time comic book readers have been given a metric ton of information in the form of solicitations and images of the initial "New 52" titles premiering in September, marketing presentations from DC's sales department, writer and artist interviews, a DC produced video, and more.

So with all of June to soak in all the pitched and opinions and consider - or reconsider - your position, on this 4th of July we thought it was a good time to ask, "Are you IN? Or are you OUT?"

Sure there is plenty of time before the first issue (August 31st's Justice League #1), so plenty of time to change your mind either way, or assume a position if you're still on the fence, but Newsarama wants to know where you stand at the moment.

Let us, DC, and your fellow comic book readers know by taking part in our reader poll. Anyone can weigh in by placing yout vote just below...

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