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Tony Daniel is no stranger to Batman. He's been writing the character for two years.

But in September, he gets his first crack at writing Bruce Wayne.

Beginning with Detective Comics #1, Daniel relaunches the comic as both writer and artist. It's all part of DC's historic move to completely restart all their comics at #1, with a total of 52 new issues coming out in September.

Although details of his story are still being quieted by DC, Daniel teased in our "Top 10 Clues about the DCnU Batman" that Bruce wants "a piece of Joker's mind."

Until we find out what that means, Newsarama talked to Daniel about his upcoming run on Detective and asked what it feels like to finally get his hands on Bruce Wayne.

Newsarama: Tony, you're relaunching Detective Comics -- and honestly, those three words ("relaunch Detective Comics") sound kind of surreal. Does it feel that way to you? What are your thoughts about it?

Tony Daniel: Well, first off I just want to say that this is such an incredible honor. It’s a big deal, I think, to relaunch any book, but this is Detective Comics. There is something surreal about it, especially saying it out loud. You know, it’s sort of sacred ground what we’re talking about here.

Nrama: How did you hear about the chance to do this, and what did you think at the time?

Daniel: Well, late last year I went to Mike Marts and raised the possibility of me writing Bruce Wayne as Batman. I knew I couldn’t stay on Batman forever, but before my run ended, I wanted a shot at Bruce. Not long after that conversation, Mike called me to gauge my interest in doing exactly what I wanted: Bruce Wayne Batman. But that it would be for a brand new Detective Comics #1. Mike knew I was not afraid of controversy, and guessed right that I would say yes to it.

Nrama: What are the differences you're finding as you now write Batman specifically for new audiences?

Daniel: The main difference is that I’m working within a set style that will be consistent throughout the series. This is more of crime thriller noir as opposed to action adventure. The stories will be short, but at the same time larger than life. The art will be bolder, bigger — I have Ryan Winn on inks and the coloring will have a European flair to it with Tomeu Morey handling that task. I think it will lend itself to the suspenseful gritty crime stories I’m going to do.

Nrama: Is there a little leeway you have since most people know the basics about Batman, or are you really approaching this as a new #1?

Daniel: Everyone gets Batman. Everyone knows who Bruce Wayne is. Who Alfred is, who the Joker is. Someone new jumping in won’t be lost. Because of how familiar the general public is with the Batman franchise, there isn’t a big need for reintroductions. But this is still being approached with new readers in mind.

Nrama: With several new #1 Batman comics being published in September, what's different about your Detective Comics?

Daniel: I think the tone. The shorter stories. The big art. It will be different from what I’ve done before and different from the other Bat books.

Nrama: Is there anything you want to tell fans about the general premise of the book?

Daniel: The premise is suspense/crime-thriller. If I could describe it in a word, it would be ‘hardcore.’

Nrama: As an artist, what do you think of the new look of the costume? What are your thoughts behind the look?

Daniel: Well, I’m a little bit responsible for the look. I gave a sketch of a futuristic style Batman to Mike Marts, who showed it to Jim Lee, who tweaked it a bit. So it’s a good example of what I was hoping we could use. So, I’m happy with it, naturally. I think it’s modern. I think it’s cool. But if we weren’t going ultra modern, I’m a big fan of the classic black and gray suit.

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell fans about your upcoming run on Detective?

Daniel: Thanks for giving it a read. I hope it’s the first of another 700+ issues.

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