The Q: Writers Offer 10 Clues to the DCnU - BATMAN Edition

The Q: Clues to the DCnU - BATMAN

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While DC Comics has been releasing covers and creative teams for their upcoming relaunch, there haven't been many details about what actually happens in September's stories.

In the Batman family, we've been told that many of the themes that were introduced when the comics were revamped last November — including Batman Inc. — will continue into the relaunch.

But what will the stories be about?

We decided to ask.

In a new twist on our usual "The Q" feature, where we ask one question of several creators, Newsarama cornered some of the Batman writers to find what they could tell us  about what's coming for the caped crusader — and the whole Bat-family in the DCnU.

We asked:

If you could give fans one (or more!) clue about what's coming in your corner of the Batman universe, what would you say?

What resulted is these 10 Clues about DCnU Batman:

#10 - From Batman writer Scott Snyder:

"Bruce feels he has been away too much over the past year and decides to reinvest in Gotham — both as a Wayne and as Batman. After all, a hero can never have too many bunkers."


#9 - From Birds of Prey writer Duane Swierczynski:

"This time, everyone is after the Birds of Prey — the bad guys, the cops, the mob, the CIA, the Yakuza... and even some good guys, as well."

#8 - From Batman writer Scott Snyder:

"An old friend will soon become Bruce's deadliest enemy."

#7 - From Catwoman writer Judd Winick:


"When Catwoman is left with nothing, she finds herself turning to the same person again. And again. And again. And it's the wrong move each and every time."

#6 - From Batman writer Scott Snyder and Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins, clues about Gotham City itself:

"Gotham has a totem older than the bat, something dark and deadly.

"Dick belongs to Gotham...but not the way he thinks."

"There are clues about the ancient evil Bruce will face written into Gotham itself, carved into the architecture (look closely!). There is even a secret design underneath the streets of Gotham. The past, the present, the fate of the Bat family — what if it's all written in the stone walls of the city, the future — a future doomed, a future saved, a future told?"


#5 - From Batwing writer Judd Winick:

"In a nation still finding its feet after a 30-year war, Batwing is a new hero. Which is good... because someone is murdering all of the old ones."

#4 - From Batman writer Scott Snyder:

"The Waynes will be revealed as participants in a secret war — a war for the city's soul that has been raging for centuries. A Wayne found murdered in 1888, a warning hidden between the lines, written in his own hand — for Bruce."

#3 - From Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins:


"Haley's Circus is not what we think it is."

#2 - From Batman writer Scott Snyder:

"What if there is a secret, unmarked 13th floor?"


#1 - From Detective Comics writer Tony Daniel:

"Batman wants a piece of the Joker's mind."

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