TRANSFORMERS 3 Movie Toys Pretty Much What Meets the Eye


With a new Transformers film hitting the big screen that can only mean one thing…well actually it can mean several things I supposed for Transformers toy fans it means a new line of action figures. The first lines based on the films were somewhat lackluster, particularly the Revenge of the Fallen line. Hasbro seems to have made a great effort to make the Dark of the Moon toys superior in every way and they have largely succeeded. Lets star with what first catches your eyes and that’s the packaging. While Fallen had the rather bland red packaging, Moon has a much more visually enticing color scheme. We have the moon itself, partly in shadow creating a stark white and black appearance with various color highlights depending upon the actual class of toys. Simply put, these just look better.


The variety of toys in Moon is staggering. No matter how much you have to spend you should be able to find something you’ll like from the $2.99 diecast Speed Stars vehicles all the way up to the huge Leader Class toys at $44.99. There are multiple series like Cyberverse, Mechtech, and Robopower. And within those series there are subclasses of figures. In the Cyberverse series the basic figures begin with the Legion Class at $4.99. These are about 3” (when standing) Transformers and includes characters such as Bumblebee, Leadfoot, Barricade, Crankcase, Sideswipe, and Skids. These feature the simplest transformations and are good starter toys for younger kids.


Next up is the Commander Class. These are slightly bigger than the Legion Class but are more detailed and come with accessories. They are priced at $7.99. For this class we reviewed the Optimus Prime figure. Optimus is 3 ½” tall and transforms into his usual truck form with flames detailed on the hood and sides. He comes with a pair of rifles that can be mounted when in truck form. He is very sleek in either form. Again, this class has simple transformations, rated as easy on the card. While only slightly bigger than the Legion toys, the better detail and accessories make these a good value at $7.99. Figures in this class will include Blackout, Ironhide, Megatron, Powerglide, and Sentinel Prime.


We now move up to the Mechtech series. First is the Deluxe Class at $11.99. These are kind of the modern day descendants of the old Generation One Targetmasters. Here items which are weapons in robot mode become other types of items in vehicle mode. For the Nitro Bumblee figure reviewed, his double-barreled plasma cannon transforms into his engine in vehicle mode. Figures in this class will include Crankcase, Skids, Roadbuster, Topspin, Starscream, Laserbeak, Mudflap, and Thundercracker. These are about 5” – 6” figures. Crankcase is pictured below.


The Human Alliance series is interesting because are all essentially triple changers with a robot and two vehicle modes and also come packed with a human pilot or rider. The Mechtech toys are priced at $9.99. Backfire is shown to the left.


Now we’re getting into the big guys of the Dark of the Moon line, the Voyager and Leader classes. These again are Mechtech toys. The $19.99 Voyager class will feature Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime, Magatron, Skyhammer, Ironhide, and Shockwave. Shockwave is reviewed for this article and he is the best Shockwave since G1 including the iterations where he was referred to as Shockblast. First, while he looks like the Shockwave of the film, his color scheme is his familiar purple and gray/silver from G1. With his single red eye there is no mistaking him as any other Transformer. The eye glows red through some red piping when near any reasonable light source. He is incredibly posable although his gun is a bit heavy for his arm joints so you need to pose him with the gun a bit straight up or straight down to prevent tipping. As for the Mechtech gimmick on the cannon, it’s kind of fun. You push a lever on the back of the gun and two barrels swivel forward. Its vehicle mode isn’t the most attractive as it’s a rather clunky looking assault vehicle but he’s made for robot mode all the way.


Lastly we have the huge Leader Class figures priced at $44.99. These guys stand at or just over 12” tall and come with lights and sounds. The line will feature Iron Hide, Sentinel Prime, and…sigh…Bumblebee. As much as I love the huge Leader Class toys with their durability and heft, and their meticulous attention to detail, obviously all of these figures have already appeared numerous times in the Dark of the Moon series. I love…LOVE Sentinel Prime. He and Shockwave are the two best additions to the new series. I’d still have loved to seen some other figures for the Leader Class other than Bumblebee. See the awesome pic of Sentinel Prime.

In addition to all these there are the usual role-playing items targeted towards kids like Optimus Prime battle mask that comes with built-in 3D glasses. There are also those figures that are again geared towards very young kids like the Activators with their one-button transformations. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the Laserbeak and Crankcase Deluxe figures and the Sentinel Prime Voyager Class which I have yet to see in my area. Transformers: Dark of the Moon has a few too many Bumblebee figures for my taste but this is without a doubt Hasbro’s best Transformers film line yet.

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