THE Q: Where Are the M.I.A. CREATORS During the DCnU??

THE Q: The M.I.A. CREATORS of the DCnU

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Among the 52 issues that DC is launching in September, not only are several well-known characters missing, but there are a lot of DC creators missing from the list too.

In fact, several creators who are featured in high-profile DC comics this year have nothing coming out in September.

The list of M.I.A. creators includes well-known names like James Robinson, Francesco Francavilla, Marc Guggenheim, Peter Calloway, Jock, Nicola Scott, and Frazer Irving.

Of course, several creators have informed Newsarama that DC has moved up deadlines for September to make sure the new launch goes off without a hitch, so that may explain why some artists doing comics in August aren't able to work on September books.

For example, Andy Kubert doesn't have a project launching in September, but with the last issue of Flashpoint shipping on Aug. 31st, it would be highly unusual for him to be ready to launch a new title the next month, particularly if deadlines are early.

Newsarama has also confirmed that there are many more new comics coming from DC in October and beyond. For example, Keith Giffen just told Newsarama that he's already writing two new series, both of which will be launched as new titles after September.

Yet we fans are an impatient bunch. And because we're wondering why these fan-favorite creators aren't among the people involved in DC's plans, Newsarama contacted a few.

Some declined the chance to talk with us. But others decided this was a good opportunity to let their fans know what's up.

Adam Beechen:

Beechen launched a Batman Beyond mini-series last year with enough success that DC ended up making it an ongoing. The series is solicited through August, yet there's no sign of Batman Beyond in September. And Beechen isn't talking about what happens next for the character.

Last week, something Beechen said to one fan on Twitter ended up all over the Internet. So the writer told Newsarama that he's not making any more public comments about what he's writing next. The Twitter post did indicate that Beechen believed DC was planning to relaunch Batman Beyond #1 in the future, but that information has not been confirmed.

DC: EARTH ONE is Born As Ongoing GNs
DC: EARTH ONE is Born As Ongoing GNs
Gary Frank

After he finished the Superman Secret Origin comic, Frank was said to be working on Batman Earth One with writer Geoff Johns. But with the relaunch, we were curious if that's still the case. And today we confirmed: Yes, he's still working on Batman Earth One. The title will be published in a book-sized format similar to Superman Earth One, which is on its second volume by DC exclusive creators J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis.

Marc Guggenheim:

The writer's last issue of Justice Society of America comes out in August, but he confirmed to Newsarama that he's not currently scheduled to write anything for DC beyond that.

"For the foreseeable future, it's about creator-owned comics for me," he said, mentioning his Collider Entertainment imprint at Image.

Guggenheim, who also writes for TV, video games, and movies (including co-writing the current Green Lantern film), also has a new comic book series that was just announced by Liquid Comics: Nowhere Man, which was originally set to come out under the Virgin Comics label before that imprint's demise. Nowhere Man will begin in November.

The writer also has an original graphic novel called Stringers coming out from Oni Press, which was the publisher behind his critically acclaimed creator-owned series Resurrection. And there's always the chance he'll show up at Marvel, because he was not a DC exclusive writer, and only last year was writing Amazing Spider-Man.

Phillip Hester:

Hester surprised fans by winning raves for his issues of Wonder Woman after the sudden departure of J. Michael Straczynski. The title finishes up in August with the conclusion of the "Odyssey" storyline, yet Hester told Newsarama he doesn't have anything lined up for DC beyond that.

But his departure from DC doesn't mean fans can't find his work elsewhere. He's co-writing with Kevin Smith on Dynamite's The Bionic Man, and working with Ande Parks on their Green Hornet series. He's also writing The Darkness at Top Cow and Firebreather at Image, and he's finishing the last issue as penciler on Godzilla for IDW. He said he's also got some unannounced projects brewing with Archaia.

David Hine:

In August, Hine is writing Batman and Robin #26, the culmination of a couple years as one of DC's special event writers in the Batman office. But he told Newsarama he currently has no projects lined up with DC. "I'm committing seriously to independent and creator-owned work right now," he said.

He's currently working on this fall's sequel to his hit Image series, The Bulletproof Coffin. "Shaky Kane is just finishing up the first of six issues," Hine said. "As with the first series, we aim to have enough art in the can when we launch to meet all our deadlines. The series is called The Bulletproof Coffin - Disinterred." He's also written and drawn a one-shot issue of Elephantmen for Image, and he's completing Hollow Point for Radical, a supernatural thriller that was previewed last summer, but won't be solicited until the end of this year.

"This is a great time for independent comics," Hine said. "Image in particular is starting to benefit from the great deal they give to their creators. There were around 30 Image books in the top 300 last month and sales are closing the gap, and indeed overtaking sales on many Marvel and DC books. That's a very healthy situation for everyone. There seemed to be a danger of comics stagnating for awhile, but the output in the USA right now is more varied and of a higher quality than it has ever been."

Jamal Igle:

The artist was absent from September solicitations, but Igle has confirmed to Newsarama that he's working on a four-issue mini-series for DC that will begin in October.

Frazer Irving:

The artist told Newsarama he couldn't comment on his "possible work with DC." But he's working on the much delayed Image series Gutsville and promised it will be released "before the winter is here, come Hell or high water." Beyond that, there's a collection of his 2000AD work being released in the U.S. this fall, as well as an upcoming Modern Masters profile from Twomorrows.

Don Kramer:

Nothing is coming from Kramer at DC in the future. The artist is busy finishing up a difficult run on Wonder Woman, which went through some starts and stops after the transition from one writer to the next. Kramer confirmed to Newsarama that he is still DC exclusive, but he doesn't have any assignment with the publisher after August's conclusion of the "Odyssey" storyline in Wonder Woman.

Bryan Q. Miller:

The former Smallville writer, who won loyal fans for DC character Stephanie Brown during his current Batgirl run, said he is currently not writing anything for DC's relaunch. "I'm actually very busy at present," he told Newsarama. Miller said he's juggling three projects across different media, but they're all secret. "I unfortunately can't say a word about [about them].... Yet. I can hopefully talk about one soonish."

Marcus To:


The artist is still under an exclusive contract with DC, but he told Newsarama, "I have nothing set with anyone yet" for September and beyond. For now, To is busy finishing up Red Robin, which concludes with Tim Drake finally confronting Captain Boomerang, the man who killed his father.

Chris Roberson:

Roberson, who won critical acclaim for his current run on Superman, talked to us as he was recovering from a writing retreat with his Clockwork Storybook friends (including comic creators Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges). The writer confirmed to Newsarama that he's not writing anything for the DCU after his final issue of Superman comes out in August.

But he's still busy writing for Vertigo, including his ongoing supernatural series iZombie. His second Fables tie-in mini-series, Cinderella: Fables are Forever, finishes up in July, and he indicated he has some other Vertigo projects coming "down the line."

He's also writing for Boom! Studios, including the current Starborn comic and July's launch of the 12-issue mini-series, Elric: The Balance Lost. "I've got two other projects in the works, one a creator-owned ongoing and the other a six-issue work-for-hire miniseries, but I can't talk about specifics until they're announced at San Diego Comic Con this summer," Roberson said.

Matthew Sturges:

Sturges, the novelist and comic writer who recently wrote JSA All-Stars, doesn't have anything in September solicitations within the DCU. He also just finished a retreat with his former Clockwork Storybook pals (see Roberson's listing above). Sturges confirmed that he doesn't have any monthly comic currently scheduled within the DCU. But Sturges said, "To know what I'm doing next, fans should keep an eye on the San Diego Comic Con programming schedule because it looks like I'll be on a panel that's going to announce my next project, which is an OGN. Other than that, I'm focusing pretty heavily on a novel and on [the current Vertigo series] House of Mystery."



“It was just that my schedule didn't work out for the September launch date. I was chatting with Scott Snyder about possibilities earlier in the year, but with it all pegged for September, we needed to double ship the last issues of Detective Comics to get our Bat story complete in the time frame. That took priority and meant no time to work on something new. Simple as that!

“After I finish Detective #881, I'll be drawing Snapsot, a creator-owned, high-concept mini-series I've been planning with Andy Diggle for some years. Should be out at the end of the year in the U.K., with a U.S. release in 2012.”

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