E3 2011: SONY PLAYSTATION Booth Round-Up Journey to New Tech

JOURNEY Into Completely New Gaming

Wait, Sony brought more to E3 besides Uncharted 3 and the new portable console, PlayStation Vita? That's right, Sony had a full booth worth of goodies to play with again this year at E3 2011, and we got our hands on a few more of their toys. We've been through the Vita and game-of-the-year contender Uncharted 3 extensively already, so here's a rundown of some of the other things you should be excited about coming soon from Sony's PlayStation line-up.

PixelJunk Sidescroller

So, you're playing PixelJunk Shooter 1 or 2 from PSN, and you're thinking to yourself, "Well this game is awesome, but it needs some added tension!" You're in luck. Just like the bonus level to Shooter 2, this game takes the basic mechanics of the franchise and adds in an auto-sidescroll to up the difficulty and keep the game moving (literally). Fans of the series will take to it quickly, and the new rotating powerups make the game even more fun than the last. It's a solid formula they've found, and it just seems to be getting better.


It is hard to use words to explain Journey, beyond saying that it is a strong visceral experience and just so… relaxing. The controls are similar to Flower, also developed by thatgamecompany, but the combination of mystical music and beautiful graphics makes playing Journey a truly unique experience. On a basic level, it is all about exploration. Its simplicity is what makes it successful. Like the title suggests, it’s not about an end goal, but the process – the journey – of reaching it. Journey also provides a new way of social interaction, where your actions, not your words, does all the “talking.” Although you might not be putting hundreds of hours into Journey, it’s experimental gameplay makes it worth every PS3 player’s time.


Sony PlayStation TV

This is one cool piece of technology. For $500, you get a 24" 3D TV, hdmi cable, pair of 3D glasses, and the FPS sequel Resistance 3. Now that's a pretty cool deal on its own, and nothing to sneeze at. The 3D works great, the extra glasses are relatively inexpensive (clocking in at under 70 bucks), and the screen gives a great, clear image. But the really cool part of this is how they've doubled up on new tech, giving players a way to have 2 players on the same TV with no split-screen. Instead of splitting the screen in half vertically or horizontally, it layers the images. With a touch of a button on the glasses, players can switch between the player 1 and player 2 screen, and the glasses isolate only that image. There is no bleed over, and the image you see is clear and strong (though obviously a little darker due to the shading of the glasses themselves). It makes the value of the 24" screen that much higher, and makes this a perfect TV for a dorm or bedroom.

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