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While the comic book world is still reeling from the deluge of recent DC news, don't lose sight of the fact that today marks another New Comic Book Day! If you're looking for previews of this week's comics, a whole lot of them are here, including exclusive looks at DC's Supergirl #65, and Dynamite's Kirby: Genesis #1.

Marvel's Fear Itself train keeps rolling this week with a bunch more tie-in books, including Avengers #14, featuring a spiffy Alan Davis Red Hulk cover. Also Fear Itself-y: Avengers Academy #15, Fear Itself: The Home Front #3, Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #2, and the Matt Fraction-written Invincible Iron Man #505.

Uncanny X-Men ending in October means that Hellblazer is the longest-running Big Two title that's never been renumbered, and guess what? Issue #280 is out today. Elsewhere in DC's publishing schedule, more Flashpoint miniseries, including Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1, Grodd of War #1 and Legion of Doom #1.

Beyond Marvel and DC, Dark Horse is debuting Conan: Island of Return #1, plus Image/Top Cow has Witchblade #145, which we now know is one of Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic's last issues on the book. Green Lantern will get a lot of attention this week, but Dynamite has a guy who's also fond of the color, and Green Hornet #16 is out today. Archie and friends hit a comic convention in, appropriately enough, Archie & Friends #156.

You can't keep a good Best Shots team down, and they've got advance reviews of those last couple of books — plus Alpha Flight #1, another Fear Itself tie-in — here, but this is Twitterama, and we want to hear from you! So buy some comics through your legal means of choice, give them a thoughtful read, and then get on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), to deliver your 140-character-or-less thoughts on this week's releases. Just add the hashtag:


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