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So, I know I wrote about Green Lantern last week but, well...blame Warner Bros. for the strategic marketing of releasing the animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and the live action Green Lantern a week apart. Other than that, you can just blame me for being a HUGE Green Lantern fan.

For me, Green Lantern is without a doubt my most anticipated comic book film of the year. Am I still frightened to death it won’t be everything I want it to be and more? Oh, yes. Which is why I’ve created this list to highlight my fan-sanity (like insanity but worse). Things like suspense, thrilling action, an interesting plot and great acting are not on this list because that’s what we want from all action films (except you Transformers fans, you settle for two out of four). So now, without further ado, 8 Things Green Lantern Must Have For Me To Love It. The real title? 8 Things Green Lantern Must Have For Me To Star Sapphire It. Shh! We want the n00bs to read this too!

Peter Milligan Talks Rage, RED LANTERNS
Peter Milligan Talks Rage, RED LANTERNS

8. Dex-Starr –
Ok, ok, I don’t really expect this one to happen but I’m totally biased. Dex-Starr is my favorite, not to mention a part of my Red Lantern cosplay. I’m pretty positive we’re not going to see any of the other Corps in the film (there’s plenty of time for that in the sequels) but adding Dex-Starr in, even as a stray kitten being plucked from the streets by the ASPCA, would probably be enough for me to rewatch the movie ten times in theaters.

7. Really bizarre constructs – We’ve seen the gattling gun construct in just about every piece of footage from Green Lantern so far. And a giant fist. That’s all well and good but where’s the Giant Daffy Duck (it was in the comics!), the boxing glove or a Giant Hal Jordan himself? Hal may not be the most creative guy in the Corps but he has had his share of joke constructs and I’d love to see them utilized at some point in the film. I mean, he is learning how to use it for the first time, he’s gotta play around with that ring at least a little!

6. Mogo/Bzzd – I’m pretty sure I heard both of these Green Lanterns will be in the film, I know there was a Bzzd design shot floating around last year, but to what extent they’re used is what will cinch it for me. Mogo and Bzzd are hands-down my favorite Green Lantern sector partners and I want to see them show their full potential, not just be glossed over. We don’t really know how much fighting the entire Corps will get to do but these are two Lanterns who have a lot to offer.

Geoff Johns: Superman & Batman @ C2E2
Geoff Johns: Superman & Batman @ C2E2
Geoff Johns

5. A Geoff Johns cameo –
The DCU doesn’t have their own version of Stan Lee but with all the creator cameos Marvel threw into Thor I see no reason why Johns shouldn’t have a walk-on role in Green Lantern. I mean, the man lives and breathes the Corps and we know he was on-set for quite a while. Please make this happen.

4. Female, humanoid Corps member – I’ve seen at least one female Green Lantern Corps member in the trailer (things go by pretty fast) but she’s definitely more alien-like than humanoid, i.e. they made her completely from scratch in the effects shop. I want someone like Katma Tui, Soranik Natu, Laira or Arisia to make an appearance and actually have them played by an actress who was on a stage along with Ryan Reynolds. We don’t know if that’s the case and I’ll be severely disappointed if it’s not. There are some kick-ass female Corps members and they deserve to be spotlighted just like the men. Also, some more of them in the comics would be nice too.

3. A shirtless Ryan Reynolds – LOL. Just kidding. That’s every Reynolds film. It’s pretty but give your chest a rest, sir.


2. A reference to the DCU –
I know the DC films haven’t been connected in any way, that’s Marvel’s thing, but I think it would be really cool if there was at least a nod to another character in the DC Universe in Green Lantern. While plenty of other superheroes showed up in Smallville throughout the years, there was a passing mention in the last season to both Wonder Woman and Batman. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for here, just a casual remark, even if it’s meant as a joke. I can hear Reynolds now, “What next? A guy who talks to fish and controls water?”

1. An after-credits scene – After-credit scenes are AWESOME. Why doesn’t every movie studio understand this? Especially when it comes to superhero films, these scenes are an extra bonus for fans. I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t like them. I was so disappointed there wasn’t an after-credit scene post X-Men: First Class and so were a lot of other people in the audience. Even if it’s to tease for a sequel you may never have, the post-credit scene is mandatory in my mind. I can see it being something with Sinestro or Carol Ferris in Green Lantern but honestly? I’d even take G’nort.

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