Bendis Says POWERS Pilot Is 'Filming In Just A Few Weeks'

The FX pilot based on Powers is nearing fruition, according to executive producer and comic book series co-creator Brian Michael Bendis.

"We're filming in just a few weeks," Bendis said to Newsarama. "Our cast is being locked down. Literally, the deals are being closed as we speak — some really surprising names."

Powers has been in development at FX in one form or another since at least February 2009, and was greenlit as a pilot in February of this year.

"It's very, very exciting," Bendis said. "We're designing, we have costumes, we have sets. It's really underway. It's not one of those bullsh*t announcements you'll have to sit through all the time, trying to figure out if it's real."

Despite still being very busy writing monthly comic books like Avengers, New Avengers and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Bendis has been heavily involved with the show's development through his role as executive producer.

"It was one of those situations where I could choose my level of involvement," Bendis said. "This is a very positive experience, with very interesting, smart storytellers, and that's all I'm looking for in life, that kind of experience. I'm lucky that we've found it."

Charles H. Eglee, a TV veteran who has worked on Murder One, The Shield and Moonlighting, wrote the pilot.

"His last job right before this was working with Robert Kirkman on The Walking Dead," Bendis said. "Robert kind of primed him for the nerd world that he is now in charge of, so it really made my life very easy as to acclimate him even further into what exactly he signed on for. He's amazing."

Bendis had similar praise for Michael Dinner, the FX veteran (Sons of Anarachy, Justified) slated to direct the pilot.

"He directed the season finale of Justified, for people wanting to see the quality of his work," Bendis said. "He's been on board the entire time, and he's a great collaborator."

Thus far, one official casting announcement has been made for the pilot: Roc star Charles S. Dutton as police department head Captain Cross. In March, it was reported that Friday Night Lights and Super 8 star Kyle Chandler was being targeted by FX for the lead role of Christian Walker. Deadline reported last month that the series is being eyed for an early January launch.

Powers, created by Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, chronicles the work of police detectives who investigate superpower-related homicides, focusing on former superhero Christian Walker and his partners, most prominently Deena Pilgrim. The comic debuted in 2000 at Image Comics, before moving to Marvel's creator-owned Icon imprint in 2004.

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