E3 2011: STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC Introduces New Gameplay



At E3 2011 in Los Angeles, we had a few opportunities to transport to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. We'll be bringing you to this ancient time of space battles, mystic warriors, and more exotic alien races than you can count a few times today, starting with a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Before we got any hands-on time with the long in-development MMORPG, we sat in one of EA's in-booth theaters to see some new features we'll be playing with soon, as well as some new gadgets to let us play with them.

When we sat down in the theater, we were told that some of these new features would show us why Star Wars: The Old Republic would redefine the MMO genre. With what we saw, it's hard to disagree. Starting with "The Return," the latest cinematic trailer, and in fact the cinematic opening to the game when it comes out, it was easy to see why BioWare has this level of confidence in their game.

In addition to all the new gameplay, some new goodies were shown off in a glass case in the theater as well. Razer announced SWTOR branded mice, keyboard, mousepads, and headsets at E3 this year, to be released "alongside" the game. Each product is customizable with unique Republic and Empire emblems, so when you switch sides your accessories can too. The keyboard even features dynamic keys that change depending on your current functions, and an LCD screen to display additional off-screen information. A very cool handful of products that will make things even better as you dive into galactic war.

The world of Star Wars: The Old Republic is looking to be the most massive story ever told in a game. With the new features shown at E3 2011, it's also looking to be one of the best.

Stay tuned later today for our E3 2011 hands-on with four different classes in the game, plus a hands-on preview of Kinect Star Wars!

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