Exclusive Zenescope Teaser 6-8: Raven Gregory's THE THEATER




Update June 28:
The final batch of teasers for Zenescope and Raven Gregory's The Theater are here, and this last round is a doozy. With art by Ale Garza, Sean Chen, and Rodin, these are a varied three.

In Garza's we have a tagline about ghosts who won't let go. An apparition haunts a homeless man from what appears to be inside a comic book shop, with covers of other Zenescope titles shown in the background

Rodin's teaser is truly haunting. An image of a man hugging a young boy is nice, a showing of fatherly love. Except when he's dead, then it's super creepy. The boy is crying, but that's really only natural when being hugged by a dead person, isn't it?

Finally in Chen's we have a play of art. "Some things can't be undone" is the tagline of this final teaser. In it, we see an artist's hand wiht a pencil, erasing a man on a street. The horrific part is in the man himself. You see, he's aware he's being erased.

Stay tuned later this week for the answer to the question: Just what is The Theater?



Update June 23:
It's a two-for-one special on Zenescope Teasers!

This time around colorist Nei Ruffino gets her draw on with some tentacle action (not that kind, people... well maybe). Her scantily clad woman wrapped in a gigantic Octopus or Squid is accompanied by "You've never seen horror...quite like this." Hopefully for the woman's sake that's a little less ominous than it sounds.

Teaser number 5 comes from Gregory's Wonderland series collaborator Dan Leister. This one features a poor woman who ran out of paper, and instead has to carve a letter into the chest of a man she just killed. We've all been there, lady, don't worry. The Theater answers are coming... next week!


Update June 20:
Well now we may be getting somewhere. After Artgerm and Eric Basaldua, now we have Tyler Kirkham joining the teaser game. Like the Ebas tease from late last week, this one is colored by Nei Ruffino.

Beyond those little credit details we... got nothing more out of the folks at Zenescope, who are taking this idea of "teasers" quite literally. So what do we see in this third image? This is probably the most horrific image of the three, with someone who has clearly been tortured, and appears to be missing their skin. Just what is going on in The Theater will be revealed here soon...



Update June 17: 
Another teaser for Raven Gregory's new series has hit our email, and so it also hits the site.

This one features a scantily clad woman who appears to have it out for a man in a suit. She's crossing his face out with blood, and is holding several knives; more can be seen in a target. So perhaps this is about sexy female assassins who operate out of a theater? Hmmm... we wouldn't be surprised to see another teaser or two before this series is fully revealed. Stay tuned...

Original Story: Sometimes a teaser image hits the Newsarama inbox accompanied by some cryptic text or even a full solicitation.

This is not one of those times. This is one of the times that we get an image and that's all she wrote. We know this is a new Raven Gregory series from Zenescope. We know this teaser image is by Artgerm. And it's a safe bet we're going to see a good amount of horror in this bad boy. Take a look and let Zenescope know what you think!

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