Wells & Madureira on AVENGING SPIDER-MAN

Spider-Man's getting a new ongoing series come November, titled Avenging Spider-Man and from the creative team of writer Zeb Wells (Amazing Spider-Man, New Mutants) and artist Joe Madureira (Uncanny X-Men, Battle Chasers). 

"With Dan Slott doing a lot of stuff with Peter Parker's personal life and really nailing all the soap opera stuff, we wanted to do a book about Spider-Man as a superhero with the Avengers," Wells said during a Marvel conference call with press Monday afternoon.

Avenging Spider-Man will serve a function similar to Marvel Team-Up, though Marvel senior editor Steve Wacker said during the call that he was disinclined to use that name, due to a feeling that the stories in that book didn't have an effect on Spidey's solo stories. Wacker indicated that there will be definite cohesion between Avenging Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man.

Madureira said that Spider-Man was his favorite character as a kid, and told Newsarama that played a big role in him deciding to take on an ongoing series for the first time in years. 

"I've been working in the gaming industry for several years at this point," Madureira answered. "At least once a year I'll get this bug where I'm like, 'I really want to draw comics again.' Something's always going on that makes it impossible. Everything kind of came together, and it was Spider-Man, so I literally could not say no."

Tone-wise, Wells said to Newsarama that a balance will be struck between his grim Spidey stories — like last year's Lizard-centric arc "Shed" — and his considerably more lighthearted fare, like Tangled Web's "I Was A Teenage Frogman."

"I think Spider-Man's comedy works best when the stakes are real," Wells said. "It's not as fun if he's just being funny when everything's goofy. When he's funny in the face of real danger, or heavy stuff going on, I think that's when the character's the funniest — when he finds the funny in the grim."

The first arc, slated for three issues, will feature Spider-Man teaming with the Red Hulk against the Moloids. Wells indicated plans for a Vulture story further down the line.

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