LIVE! Geoff Johns & Jim Lee Talk DCnU, Reveal New Details

LIVE! Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Talk DCnU

It's been nearly two weeks since news hit that DC Comics would be relaunching all of their DC Universe titles with new #1s in September, and now chief creative officer Geoff Johns and co-publisher Jim Lee — who also happen to be the new Justice League creative team — are set to talk publicly about the massive changes for the first time.

The panel is part of the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles, sandwiched between screenings of Superman and Superman II. The official material for the festival bill that Johns and Lee will "reveal new details about the major new plans for Superman and the entire mythology of the most storied comic book company of them all"

Newsarama will be there, and technology permitting, bringing every bit of those new details LIVE! to you as they're revealed, courtesy of the Cover It Live box right below. Things are scheduled to get started at 7:40 p.m. local time, or 10:40 p.m. eastern.

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