Marvel Tweaks Title for BLACK PANTHER POINT ONE Issue



September's new-reader-friendly "Point One" issue of Black Panther: Man Without Fear (#523.1) offers up a slight change to the title. Marvel is calling the issue Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive, and according to, the one-off story by series writer David Liss with artist Jefte Palo finds the former king of Wakanda trying to "figure out why a mysterious killer has set their sites on people the Panther has saved since his arrival in New York."

"Let's just say that someone out there knows that T'Challa has a pretty muscular sense of responsibility, and killing people the Panther has saved is going to make him very, very angry," says Liss. "Whoever is doing this wants to strike a blow against T'Challa and make him so angry that he's off his game. Who could it be? You'll have to pick up the issue to find out.”

"I put into this issue everything I would want as a reader picking up a comic for the first time," said the writer of the Point One format. "You get a sense of who The Black Panther is, how he does his business, what kind of world he operates in, and the kind of people who inhabit that world. You get a sense of his past that will be more meaningful to long-time readers, but it will also serve as a good introduction for new readers.”

Liss says the subtitle change to "The Most Dangerous Man Alive" isn't just marketing.

“He will now be both fearless and dangerous, but then again, he always has been,” the writer says. “But we now have our very own extra cool subtitle. It's not like he puts that on his business card, but I suppose the word will get out. I don't want to say what we have planned, but it certainly is possible that someone may not like the idea that the Panther is considered the Most Dangerous Man Alive and want to take him out to prove his reputation. Good luck with that.”

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