E3 2011: What is in Video Games Immediate Future?

E3 2011: What is in Video Games Future?

On this, the eve of E3, our focus has certainly been less on games and more on the continually shocking news of DC Comics' reboot/revamp/relaunch/reotherwordhere. So what, if anything, coming this week can shock the video game world the way that has rocked the comics industry?

Well, probably nothing, to be honest. The world of games seems to be on a bit more of a homogenizing track than anything. Motion controls were successful for Nintendo, so Sony and Microsoft added them. High Definition graphics proved successful and an increased customer desire, so Nintendo is adding them.

Sure, there will be some surprises. Microsoft has teased something big up their sleeve for Kinect, their controller-less motion control, and we know we'll see more of LucasArts' game. We also found out through box art this past week that BioWare's game-of-the-year 2012 contender will have some kind of Kinect controls, a big deal for a shooter-RPG.

Nintendo will show off the successor to the Wii, currently codenamed Project Cafe, loudly and proudly. If the tech specs stay true to what's been leaked so far, it won't exactly surpass the Xbox 360 and PS3 by much if at all, but it'll catch up to it. There's usually another shoe to drop with Nintendo, though. The fledgling Nintendo 3DS, their glasses-less 3D portable console, should have an announcement or three thrown in there as well.

Sony is the biggest mystery. Their press event this year will be a 5+ hour affair. We'll be seeing the PSP's successor, the "Next Generation Portable" or NGP on-hand this year. We'll see a sequence from that <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/games/uncharted-neil-druckmann-interview-110602.html>according to Naughty Dog</a> will make us "lose our s#!*." But what will be the star of Sony's show? Will there be a big price drop to try to make up some ground from the hack this spring? Will there be news of a PlayStation4 in some stage of development? They're definitely the ones who have kept the most tight-lipped, and that usually means something big.

On the games front, we'll see more of highly-anticipated games like the ones above, plus , , , , and many more. Through our appointments with Activision, EA, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Square Enix, Namco, 2KGames, Warner Bros, and many more, we'll be getting the inside scoop; and hopefully a few more surprises.

The video game industry may not have a revolution this week, but it may also not need to. With a steadily status and a thriving business, the next step may be plenty with the next leap coming in 2012. Then again, we all want to be wowed.

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