Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic Leaving WITCHBLADE With #150

Marz and Smith on WITCHBLADE #143

Following a run that started in November 2004, writer Ron Marz has announced on his CBR "Shelf Life" column Thursday afternoon that he's leaving Witchblade as of #150. Artist Stjepan Sejic, who has illustrated the Top Cow title since Witchblade #116, is also leaving the book.

In the column, Marz says he's leaving Witchblade due to an increasing workload, adding that both he and Sejic are working on a secret project for Top Cow. Marz is sticking with Top Cow's Magdalena ongoing series, and his newly debuted creator-owned Image comic Shinku.

Marz took over the book with Witchblade #80, and has written every issue since. His run on the book included moving main character Sara Pezzini away from the scantily clad "bad girl" image and into more conservative outfits, plus introducing new supporting characters and exploring the origin of the Witchblade itself.

Witchblade #144 hit stores this past May 11; Marz wrote in his column that issue #150 will ship "later this year."

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