Exclusive Zenescope Reveal: It Ain't Disney, LITTLE MERMAID

Zenescope Reveal: LITTLE MERMAID


Well, this might not be the image of the Little Mermaid you're exactly used to, but it is undeniably quite the image. Check out this exclusive teaser and the solicitation text for the next arc of their second Grimm ongoing below!

Grimm Myths & Legends #8

The brand new LITTLE MERMAID story arc begins! The search for the falsebloods that may change the fate of the war on earth continues...  An orphan teen has spent her life alone and on the run with no home to call her own.  But when the call of the ocean takes her on a journey abroad, she will find that her destiny might just take her places she could never have imagined.  The first issue of the new story-arc, The Little Mermaid, begins here.  Don't miss the hottest new series from Zenescope Entertainment.

32 pgs, FC $2.99

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