DC UNIVERSE ONLINE Content Update (UPDATED with Screenshots)


Update, 5 p.m. eastern: Seven new screenshots from the "Ra's al Ghul's Revenge" DC Universe Online update are here.

Update, 3 p.m. eastern: Here's the outline of the new content featured in the update, from Sony. Comments and quotes from the DC Universe Online creative team can be found in the Cover it Live box below. New images coming soon!

4-Man Combat Alert: Players will get a full set of tier two gear during a combat encounter within the League of Assassin’s Stronghold and those who survive the combat will be awarded a tier two badge

New Loot Drop: Collect a full set League of Assassins gear

Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing – Choose a side as these two forces of nature battle for the mystical connection of The Green

Oolong Island Civil War – Help Oolong scientists flee the island amidst a dangerous coup against the local government instigated by Chang Tzu and T.O. Morrow

Original story: New content updates are coming to DC Universe Online, and Sony Online Entertainment is revealing the news today in a roundtable with the press.

Mark Anderson, recently named as the new game director for the MMORPG, will be on the line, talking about what new elements players can expect. And, yep, Newsarama will be there, providing up-to-the-minute updates on the latest developments.

Check back at the conclusion of the roundtable for brand-new game images, and follow along in the Cover it Live box below for the play-by-play:

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