20 Random Thoughts about FLASHPOINT #1 [SPOILERS]

20 Random Thoughts about FLASHPOINT #1

In keeping with our new trend of these little "Random Thoughts" columns (see our Action Comics #900 one here), we decided the best way to approach DC's "everything will be different this time we swear hand to heart poke me in the eye blah blah" summer event was the same.

And so, here are 20 random thoughts about Flashpoint #1, in general order of the book. Needless to say (but then, whenever you say that it's clear you need to say what your'e about to), here there be SPOILERS, so ye have been warned. For a spoiler-free review from the Best Shots team, click here.

1) Andy Kubert sure can draw super-heroes. His one-page telling of The Flash's origin was so easy to just "get."

2) Hey look, X-S is black again! Hurray!

3) This would make one heck of a Justice League. Interesting to see characters like Mera, John Stewart Green Lantern, Firestorm, and Starfire included. Cyborg is there because of his big role in the coming pages, and you can assume Mera and Firestorm because of Brightest Day, but why Captain Marvel? Why Starfire? Why two GLs?

4) The narrator here is Batman, and it's clear from these early pages that he's not the Batman we know. "Blood on my hands" is a big giveaway.

5) So, Barry thinks he's just in the good 'ole DCU.

6) And seeing him fall down the stairs made me laugh out loud. What? I'm team Wally.

7) While we've seen/heard a couple of changes up to this point, this is a big one, Barry's mother being alive. His tireless efforts to solve her murder led to him being at his desk o' chemicals when the lightning struck, turning him into the Flash. Her presence almost has to have something to do with the overall mystery of why things aren't quite right.

8) For a book with "Flash" in the title, that was led-into by the book titled The Flash, this book does not have a lot of Flash in it. It doesn't even have Barry in it for a large chunk; nice to see that it's not pigeon-holed into only that one corner of the DCU, and is trying to actually affect the whole thing.

9) Gotham City has changed more than Central, with casinos all over the skyline. NBC is probably suing Wayne over the name of one of those casinos as we speak.

10) The Joker is still around in this world, in some way. Yo-Yo would be a much cooler villain if she actually used the yo-yos instead of just wearing them.

11) This Batman doesn't mind killing. There's that "blood on my hands" thing again.

12) Cyborg, as teased, is the bigwig hero in this universe. They try really hard to sell that right away, but I find it pretty hard to buy. In what world is Robocop going to be able to take the place of the Man of Steel?

13) There we go, Reverse Flash makes a one-line and super-speed dash appearance here, talking to Barry's mom. Well they are both most certainly involved; the question is, without a Flash, how can there be an evil mirror image?

14) This may not be a world without heroes, but it certainly is close. Abin Sur appears to be a bit… stand-offish, and Shade the Changing Man is intriguing. the S.H.A.Z.A.M. kids are a fun twist.

15) Batman is "older than I thought," says Billy Batson. We'll get to that in a bit...

16) Flashpoint Captain Marvel is named Captain Thunder. He is Captain Planet and He-Man combined. Seriously, Tawny is Battle-cat; there's no denying that rip…er…homage is there?

17) Batman is actually gloomier and more broody in this universe. Just what comics need, more brooding.

18) Ah, there ya go, Cyborg- see? You're not the big hero. Batman is.

19) The batcave is missing, well, just about everything. It's pretty much just a cave with bats and a couple of tables. There's still a trophy case, but instead of a Robin costume, it has a gun.

20) Batman is… THOMAS WAYNE?! So, the doctor saw his wife and son killed in an alley all those years ago, and, inspired by the same bats around Wayne Manor as his son would have been/was in another world, decided  to take back the streets as Batman. Except he kills people and owns casinos. While this move was teased, it does make this team-up a little more interesting. It's speed-less Barry Allen, and a man who can save his son's life by giving up his own to restore a lost world. At least, that's what it sure seems like it will come down to in the end.

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