Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

On this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres sits down with The Dude, artist Steve Rude, who discusses his return to the worlds of Nexus and The Moth, in his self published line of books, Rude Dude Comics.

As The Dude himself says. "I think back at that period of nothing when all the (Nexus fans) kept writing us... there were so many more stories to tell. Internally I kept saying to myself, "This is not right, I have to use all skills I've accumulated my experience and clout to come back to these characters, and bloody well keep going with them... The people who buy (Nexus) have expectations that every time they purchase something and know what (Baron and Rude) are capable of, they had better not let you down, and that's what's in my mind when I'm drawing Nexus.You're not going to feel horrible when you read my books, you will feel excited and elated and you'll want to see more."

The current plan is to finish the Nexus return arc, "Space Opera," and then release the new Moth arc. "You oughta see what (writer) Gary Martin has planned. It's nuts!"

In addition to new stories revolving around his co created new characters Oragami and The Silencer , Rude also wants to bring back romance stories and his own spin on horror, in his upcoming anthology book, Amazing Dude Tales.

"This format came from Mike Allred who was telling me about a "grab bag" Madman book he was putting out...the idea of a "grab bag " to me was, put in

whatever you want so will have not only Nexus and The Moth but also... what is a macabre story? I want to put in truly scary stories...and bring back the idea of the romance story...taking contemporary stories I've found in the news, and make romance stories around them."

Also in the interview, Rude discusses how he and writer Mike Baron got together to create Nexus for Capital City Comics, the early influences of Jack Kirby, and Alex Toth on his work, working with Moth scribe Gary Martin, and The Dude's views on the 1980's direct market, compared to today's comic book landscape.

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