Paul Tobin Returns to SPIDER-GIRL in SPIDER-ISLAND Series

Paul Tobin Returns to SPIDER-GIRL

Though Spider-Girl is ending with June's issue #8, it won't be long after that until readers see series writer Paul Tobin return to the character.

August bring's Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl, a three-issue miniseries tying-in to the summer's Spider-Man event, written by Tobin and illustrated by Pepe Larraz (Web of Spider-Man). The story sees an outbreak of spider-powers across Manhattan, and the previously unpowered Spider-Girl is among those affected.

Tobin is quoted in Marvel's statement as saying the powers infect her "in very surprising ways." Spider-Island starts with August's Amazing Spider-Man #667.

Marvel's full press release follows:

The summer of Spider-Island is coming, but it will be anything but a vacation for the Amazing Spider-Girl! This August, young Anya Corazon will have to go it alone against her deadliest enemies in Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Island #1 (of 3), from writer Paul Tobin and artist Pepe Larraz! Spider-Girl’s got a whole new set of powers – but will they do her any good now that the Society of Wasps has decided to use the cover of Spider-Island to eradicate all arachnids?

“It's a VERY different Spider-Girl that readers will encounter in the pages of Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl, as the strange outbreak of spider-powers infects her as well... but in very surprising ways,” said writer Paul Tobin. “And when the Society of the Wasp declares full scale war on the new ‘army’ of the spider-powered, Spider-Girl surprisingly finds herself aligned with the Kingpin and Hobgoblin. Even more surprisingly she finds that, maybe...that's where she most belongs.”

If she wants make it out alive, she’ll have to make peace with her most unlikely allies yet! Discover why this August, only in Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl #1 (of 3)!

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Written by PAUL TOBIN

Penciled by PEPE LARRAZ


Rated A …$2.99


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