SMALLVILLE Series Finale Preview Clips & Interviews!

Super-sized SMALLVILLE Season 10

And there came an ending. This Friday from 8-10pm on the CW, Smallville airs the big finale. Through ten seasons, the show has certainly had its ups and downs. We've seen cool moments like the Legion of Superheroes coming back in time, a fledgling Justice League forming, and some fun monsters-of-the-week in the early years. We've also seen Lana-fu.

Never-the-less, this show has proven one important thing: a show about comic book superheroes, even ones that are a little less super and a little more blurry, can last on network television for an entire decade in our modern era. There are other shows coming, with a certainty, and they will owe something to Smallville's success.

With that, we have the last-ever round of preview clips, and some goodbye interviews, provided by the CW.

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