Geek God MARK SHEPPARD Returns as SUPERNATURAL's Hell King


Crowley is back and he's working with Castiel (Misha Collins)...or is he? Supernatural's bad boy and scifi legend Mark Sheppard has come back from the dead and will be appearing in the next two episodes, “The Man Who Would be King” and “Let It Bleed.” We got to to chat with Sheppard about keeping his return a secret, lying to fans and a bit about Doctor Who.

Newsarama: So last week there was a big reveal about you cleaning up Castiel's messes. What can you tell us about that?

Mark Sheppard: What, that there is a big reveal that I've been cleaning up Castiel's messes? [laughs] I don't know that that was the big reveal. It's definitely an inference that that's what I've been doing. I don't know if Crowley's telling the truth or not. But I think in tomorrow's episode, you'll start to get a very, very good idea of what Crowley is, in fact, doing. So I think it should be fascinating to see where this is going. I'm just looking forward to seeing, you know, if there is some kind of relationship between Castiel and Crowley and how that would unfold.

Nrama: At what point do you find out all these secrets? How long have you known what was brewing?

Sheppard: About whether or not I was coming back to Supernatural?

Nrama: About working with Castiel...

Sheppard: I'm not sure that that is definitive or not. Or decided in any particular way. I think the most interesting part is that there was a plan in place from early on in the season. Sera (Gamble) and Bob (Singer) and I spoke and obviously Eric (Kripke) and Ben (Edlund) were on board. I knew that I was going to die at a certain point and that I was going to come back. And we hatched a plan to make sure that reveal would be as sensational as possible. Or as interesting as possible in regards to the plot. And I think we did a really good job. There were several places...I've bumped into you in some places...

Nrama: Yes!

Sheppard: ..and the question was always, 'Are you coming back?' And I've always managed to defer it and say I have no idea or saying, 'If they come back for a Season 7, I hope I come back. There were some papparazzi shots of me arriving at Vancouver airport, actually filming the episode that will be on tomorrow night. [laughs] So there was some speculation that I was coming back in Episode 20. But we managed to hide the fact that I was in Episode 19, “Mommie Dearest.” I'm really, really pleased with that. I think it was a triumph of Warner Bros. and Supernatural and everybody else to keep that hidden. It's been a fun little journey though. I've just turned into the guy that has to lie to his fans all the time. I have to lie to the fans every single night!

Nrama: Yeah, you've done that to me a few times!

Sheppard: Of course! [laughs] I have to! I can't spoil it in that way. We'll all kiss and make up later. That's the trick. And we'll all talk about it and how much we've enjoyed it. But, hasn't it been fun? Hasn't it been a fun journey?

Nrama: It has. I love the reveals.

Sheppard: I think my agent is actually stating that I'm probably an actor who has appeared more times without credit than any other.

Nrama:I was going to ask you about that. You've managed to keep it off IMDB...

Sheppard: Well, it actually, Episode 20 went on IMDB and I just didn't say anything, and they took it off. So a whole bunch of people were having flame wars about whether I was in the episode or not. You know, there is constant speculation on Twitter. The great thing is that the water will all find it's own level. After everybody has watched it, it will be a lot of fun.

Nrama: Speaking of Twitter, Crowley has his own Twitter feed. Do you follow him?

Sheppard: [laughs] I saw that the other day. I thought it was very funny! What was it?

Nrama: @CrowleyDemon, I think.

Sheppard: That's fantastic! I think it's so much fun.

Nrama: Have you ever thought of doing an account for one of your characters?

Sheppard: No, I'm perfectly available on Twitter. Anybody can talk to me any time they want. I have a private account on Twitter. And if you want to follow me, you have to ask me, so I have to click on every single person. It's kind of fun! [Note: You can follow Mark at @mark_sheppard.]

Nrama: You've been in pretty much every scifi show that is worth watching. What is it about this genre?

Sheppard: Story telling. It's about great story telling. That's what it's about for me. From all of the things that I've been lucky enough to be part of, the one thing that rings true is great stories. It's well told, exciting stories and characters that fit in great stories. That's what rings for me.

Nrama: Is there a scifi or fantasy show you haven't been on that you'd like to be on?

Sheppard: There's many. I mean, the thing is, it's...I's the extension to the Mark Sheppard employment act of 2010. [laughs] If you stand still long enough, I'll probably be on the show eventually. One can only hope. I enjoy it so much. It sounds really flippant, but I've been very lucky to be asked to play on some wonderful shows. I just did Doctor Who, which was a childhood dream. And Supernatural was very instrumental in making that happen.

There are a lot of crossover know I'm a huge fan.

Sheppard: Of course, of course. But Supernatural, the production itself was complicit in me being able to actually film that show. I'm very, very grateful to them for that.

Nrama: Well, speaking of Doctor Who, wow, was there an ending to that show!

Sheppard: [laughs] Huh.

Nrama: You want to comment on that at all?

Sheppard: Oh, gay marriage in the 1960's?

Nrama: Yeah.

Sheppard: What? Being in a gay, interracial relationship in 1969?

Nrama: Yes! That was a brilliant twist!

Sheppard: It was so much fun! Stevan (Moffat) has a habit, as does Ben and Sera and all the rest [laughs] of really enjoying giving the fans something to chew on.

Nrama: Will we see you back this season?

Sheppard: Ah, but that would be telling! [laughs] What was the last thing the Doctor said to Canton?

Supernatural airs Friday at 9/8c on the CW.

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