THOR Twitterama- We want YOUR Reviews of the Movie!

C2E2: Chris Hemsworth Q&A LIVE!

After much anticipation, Thor is at last in theaters!

We celebrated the release with our day-long look at Thor, releasing lots of exclusive THORSDAY content:

<a href=/13676-thorsday-exclusive-new-the-mighty-thor-2-first-look.html>

<a href=>THORSDAY: Norse Myths You Won't See in Marvel Comics</a>

<a href=>THORSDAY: The Newsarama Interview with THOR Himself!</a>

<a href=>THORSDAY: The Mythological Versus the Marvel THOR</a>

<a href=/7560-thorsday-thor-the-best-most-fun-marvel-studios-movie-yet.html>THORSDAY: THOR the Best, Most Fun Marvel Studios Movie Yet</a>

<a href=>THORSDAY: Thor: God of Thunder Doesn't Soar w/ The Gods</a>

<a href=>THORSDAY: Walt Simonson THOR Artist's Edition "Special"</a>

<a href=/13704-thorsday-exclusive-preview-journey-into-mystery-623.html>

<a href=>THORSDAY: Why They Endure: THOR - An Immortal Hero</a>

And now, having read everything there is to know about Thor, including our review of the movie, we want YOU to get in on the action. So hop on Twitter (Don't forget to follow Newsarama if you aren't already!) and tweet with the hashtag


With that, your tweets will show up in the box below! It's that simple. So let us and all your fellow readers know what yout thought of Thor's first feature film! 

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