Brian Michael Bendis On a New ULTIMATE COMICS: SPIDER-MAN #1

Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn, Day 4

Update, 3:45 p.m. eastern: There may be someone other than Peter Parker in the role of Ultimate Spider-Man, but Brian Michael Bendis isn't going anywhere.

The writer revealed in Thursday's Marvel press call that a new Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 is coming in September, from him and artist Sarah Pichelli. As indicated in a press release last month, a new character will be starring as Spider-Man, but Bendis told Newsarama that doesn't necessarily mean everything will be different.

"There is obviously some truths to the world of Spider-Man that if you take them away, it's just not Spider-Man anymore, they're even more important than Peter Parker," Bendis said. "Those elements of what Spider-Man means, and what he stands for, will continue into the new series. Will there be new characters? There will be some of the characters from the older series returning. We don't want to say who yet."

Along with a new Spider-Man comes new Spider-Powers, the writer teased.

"There will be new powers, different powers than you've seen before," Bendis said. "Did some spider-research, found some cool things that I think will make this new Spider-Man even more interesting, as we discover more and more about him."

Fans online speculated that "Death of Spider-Man" might be the swansong for Bendis and his nearly 11-year-run in the Ultimate Universe, but the writer said he can't imagine a scenario where he'd voluntarily leave that world.

"I couldn't imagine a more challenging, better fitting, or more rewarding job than writing Ultimate Spider-Man," Bendis said. "I'm thrilled to still be part of it, I'm thrilled to go into this scary, new part of the legend."

As in the previous three calls this week, the cohesive nature of the Ultimate titles post-Ultimate Fallout was emphasized. Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said it's a natural extension of the personalities of Bendis and fellow Ultimate writers Jonathan Hickman (Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye) and Nick Spencer (Ultimate Comics: X-Men).

"Brian, Jonathan, and Nick are very sympatico writers. They honed their chops on the indies," Alosno said.

Bendis took time to specifically praise the work of Pichelli, calling her "the find of the century."

"She's a completely unique and talented force in comic art," Bendis said.

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Original Story: We've reached the final day of Marvel's week of "Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn" press conferences, and, has been the case for the three previous calls, we won't actually know what creator is actually going to be on the line until things get started.

So, we're repeating our guess from Wednesday, that this one will feature Brian Michael Bendis talking the very uncertain future of Ultimate Spider-Man past the current "Death of Spider-Man" story. Perhaps we'll learn a little more about the teaser from a couple of weeks ago, which showed a Sara Pichelli-illustrated new Spider-Man costume, and promised someone other than Peter Parker inside the suit. But, hey, we've been wrong on these things before.

To recap: Monday revealed that Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic are the creative team on a a new Ultimate Comics: Ultimates ongoing, Tuesday brought news of Nick Spencer and Paco Medina collaborating on Ultimate Comics: X-Men, and Wednesday broke word that Hickman and Rafa Sandoval are doing a four-issue Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye miniseries.

Of course, Newsarama will be on the line, bringing you the latest developments live — follow along in the box below.

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